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Zombie Apocalypse (V7.4 Flamethrower Update)

We have removed all hostile Minecraft mobs. Zombies should be the only thing you see. As long as they aren’t hardcoded

There will be more zombies in the wild the harder your game is set.


The Addon

There is nothing complicated about this addon. Is it possible to survive in a world overrun by zombies and other 
You are being attacked by people. Let’s take a look.

The History

As a result of a deadly virus that has taken over the Minecraft World, some entities have been killed instantly (Creepers, Skeletons, etc. ), while everyone else has become the undead… Zombies.

There are different types of zombies in the Minecraft world, each with its own characteristics, such as speed, strength, or
Whatever the case may be, if you see a zombie, run Run Run.
Many people are survivors like you, so you will find them wandering around getting attacked or attacking zombies.
Zombies will automatically attack NPCs as well as NPCs will automatically attack Zombies. Zombies will become Zombies if an NPC dies from a Zombie attack.


In your Survival, weapons are very important. Most Weapons can be found looting Structures, although some can be crafted, the best ones can only be found.


A Zombie holding a Cure will scream and become a Human, just like the Vaccinated Human. Once they have been cured, they can be bred.

To begin breeding, apply a Toblerone to a cured or vaccinated human


Humans who have been cured or vaccinated will not live long, the cure/vaccine isn’t fully effective yet.

As vanilla Villagers, the Cured humans that grow from babies will not have a reduced life expectancy. You can trade with them as long as you like.
The trade table of a bred Cured will not change after it has fully grown.

Give the Default Cured an item of clothing to determine what role they will play in your new world.

you will find some more addons here like first aid, guns and food.


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