Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Zombie Adventure and Horror map Minecraft

Minecraft PE Maps: Hello! I’m making my first adventure and horror map for you guys, so any constructive criticism or suggestions are welcome! To survive, you must fight the zombies and escape the hotel!

Since these people in the hotel have mysteriously become zombies, your objective is to escape without being infected. Can you do it? 

The Hotel Floors

There are elevator buttons on these floors that you can use to access them

Room keys can be used as follows:

Keys must be placed on each block on the side of the door rooms

The rules are:

Set the mode to Adventure

Don’t cheat


Play at your own risk and use headphones if you are scared by jumpscares and loud noises!

There will be a multiplayer version of this map soon, but it is currently only for single player.


Good Ending

Bad Ending

Secret Ending 

Zombie Skin Previews and Screenshots are given Below

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