YouTube Search Filter Not Working And YouTube API Also Broken, Thousands of App Are Not Working Anymore

If you are reading this article then you must have faced problem in YouTube search filter. I am following this topic since 15th march and I can not any positive effort on this topic. People are complaining a lot about  YouTube Search Filter and  YouTube API.

If you have search on youtube and try to filter out the latest video you wont get a correct answer. I talked to couple of developers also , They told me clearly that there is not formal communication from youtube about this topic. YouTube just close these YouTube Search Filter and  YouTube API on 15th march and people like me are suffering.

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I have a client for which I upload 80+ videos on youtube and get it sort via date on client website. not that video section is totally bullshit. User are not able to see the latest videos and even the out of 80 videos then can only see 10 videos maximum.

YouTube Search Filter Not Working And YouTube API Also Broken

YouTube search filter is not working

Some people suggest to use RSS feed to avoid this problem but I dot think this would be enough.

If are also looking for answer or if you have answer then visit this link –

If any one of you have answer about this then please let us know..

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