WP IM Tracker Review 2021 – A Pretty Link Pro Alternative For Sure

WP IM Tracker Review

Hey marketers I hope you all are doing good and enjoying your weekend. I am here to write a review about a new revolutionary tool called WP IM Tracker Review . I am really pleased and satisfied after using WP IM Tracker for some of my campaign. Mark my words this is pure solution for every internet marketer that tracks ,attribute and optimize the campaign.

I am using Pretty Link Pro but I am thinking to buy one piece of  WP IM Tracker for myself. Let me tell you more about the  WP IM Tracker and how it can benefits you.Before going more further about the features of  WP IM Tracker let me tell you about the creator of this awesome click tracking plugin for WordPress.

WP IM Tracker Overview

My Opinion –  Highly Recommended For Internet Marketers

Product Name: WP IM Tracker
Vendor: Hamdi Boukamcha , Ijlal Ahmed 
Official Website: http://www.wpimtracker.com/
Launch Date: 2015-07-23 at 09:00 EDT
Price: $27-$97


WP IM Tracker View And Demo

WP IM Tracker Review-A Pretty Link Pro Alternative For Sure

WP IM Tracker Review-A Pretty Link Pro Alternative For Sure


WP IM Tracker Review Demo Video – WP IM Tracker Review

This demo video will tell you that how WP IM Tracker can track and optimize your campaign , you can make more profitable decision with statics on your hand , can find easily what is not working for you, easy A/B testing on your affiliate link or campaign ,even it is highly suitable with site like eCommerce ,CPA marketing website,amazon affiliate sites or affiliate marketing site.

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See video below and we will talk about WP IM Tracker features .




Now you are quite familiar with the link tracker plugin now let me tell you its feature and how it can benefits you.

WP IM Tracker Feature –  WP IM Tracker Review

  • Excellent link cloaking with tracking on it.
  • You can change currency attribute very easily.
  • Link rotator in smart way (Highly useful for affiliate marketers)
  • Track effectively and efficiently solo ads
  • Create dynamic affiliate links.
  • Highly mobile optimized with self contained software.
  • Real time tracking with 24/7 affiliate link monitoring.
  • Software documentation available,step by step guide and training videos on WP IM Tracker.
  • A/B split testing (Real marketers know its value)
  • Traffic quality and 24/7 click fraud monitoring.
  • Use your server less than any other wp link tracker out there
  • Pixel tracking and deep statics Etc

Why Should You Buy WP IM Tracker – WP IM Tracker Review

  • It is very easy to use and installed on WordPress. You can add this plugin just like other plugin and WP IM Tracker will do everything for you.You dont need to be a coder,technical man or developer to use it ,Tracker comes with very user friendly interface and with hand guide.
  • WP IM Tracker come with unique feature which ll update you or notify you about under performing campaigns,targets, offers and landing pages.
  • WP IM Tracker can integrate with WordPress very easily and after installing it you ll not require any other tracking tools.
  • After buying WP IM Tracker you ll not require to pay for it more , I mean there is no monthly fees and other hidden cost. The best part is all you data will be your server and it ll be private always.
  • WP IM Tracker is work so effectively and efficiently that you can know each and every thing about visitor like from where he entered , what he bought ,from where he leaves the site etc . So after getting deep information about your site visitor you can easily guess the behavior of your buyers and can plan your campaign according to that only.
  • WP IM Tracker come with unlimited split testing ,Internet marketer who works daily on camapign to make money online is always know the value of split testing.The unlimited split testing will allow you to get better conversion on unlimited number of offer and links.
  • Ahaaa this part is my favorite – As I usually retarget my visitor by Facebook retargeting pixel so I know power of re targeting , You can also retarget your visitor and pixel from any networks for any link in WP IM Tracker. So it is not limited to any network you can add pixel of any network to re-target your audience.
  • WP IM Tracker allows you to filter your traffic and data you ll get can be accessed anytime. The WP IM Tracker plugin comes with the most common bots already filtered for you.
  • WP IM Tracker comes with video training guide, plugin documentation etc so if you are not technical than also you can install it and use it very easily. Even the support is way better than any other click tracking software or plugin.
  • WP IM Tracker can track every link counts ,your server or link uptime etc so if you are link is not working or your click are getting waster than WP IM Tracker can send you email or text to notify about this error.
  • WP IM Tracker is highly Facebook and Google analytic compatible , You can integrate both network with WP IM Tracker and can have data on your dashboard only.
  • Link rotators is also a very useful for a internet marketer , If you know how to rotate the link then you cna profit even more and this WP IM Tracker come with best link rotators.
  • If you are using solo ads for your business then WP IM Tracker ll be more profitable for you because if a solo ads vendor send you any bots click (which is very normal these days you can expect 5 to 10% bots click) than you ll get to know with in a second by this WP IM Tracker.
  • WP IM Tracker can track all kind of links , campaign , ads and of any networks so dont wait and get it now for you.
  • WP IM Tracker can track the whole sales funnel also but remember you require a WordPress based site to install it.
  • You can use it one your one site only but if you want to use it on more site then I would suggest buy a copy from them ,and don’t worry about updates because they ll add you in their email list and when ever they update you get a notification.
  • WP IM Tracker is 100% trusted wordpress link tracker plugin which comes with high flexibility for professional internet marketers & super-affiliates.

I am hoping that I have covered all the features of WP IM Tracker and this WP IM Tracker review is unbiased also. I wanted to some last words here that if you are in internet marketing then this can be very useful tool for you and from my opinion WP IM Tracker is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to you


Kindly let me know your thoughts and view about the WP IM Tracker review and if you like then please share it with your affiliate marketing friends.





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