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    World Of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Classic – Full Tailoring Guide

    Full Tailoring Guide: Two expansions have been released for World of Warcraft Classic, revisiting some of the game’s most popular features. As part of the Burning Crusade, each faction received a new race, new content for new and maxed-out characters, and an increase in the level cap. World of Warcraft: Classic is now returning to Northrend, the continent where the Lich King and his undead minions reside. There is no one who knows this better than the Tailors of Azeroth when it comes to enduring the chill of Northrend while taking on those dungeon mobs.

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    It is important for tailors to level up their skills not only for fun and profit, but for their own benefit as well. This guide will assist you in getting there as quickly as possible. There has been a significant increase in the level caps for all professions as a result of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and Tailoring provides some of the most valuable pre-raid items, so it receives a lot of attention. It is pretty much necessary to be a tailor if you wish to run raids as a spellcaster.

    The Joys Of Tailoring – Full Tailoring Guide

    • What more can be said about the Magic Carpet? Despite the fact that you can learn a magic carpet in The Burning Crusade, it is not an epic-level, extra-fast mount like the Magnificent Flying Carpet, which has shapeshifting abilities, a Disney reference, and a comfy pillow as well.

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    • If you are a cloth-wearing DPS class, you will likely be a Tailor, which means you can make some of your BiS pre-raid items without having to travel to dungeons or battlegrounds. Two examples are the Wintry Hate of Doom and the Ebonshroud Robe.
    • The profession of First Aid is one of the primary professions that every character knows. Since tailors must stockpile cloth anyway – the key component for making bandages – they have an advantage when it comes to leveling First Aid.

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    Farming Cloth In Old Azeroth – Full Tailoring Guide

    Unlike other professions that require gathering skills, such as alchemy and herbalism, jewelcrafting and mining, the cloth resources required for tailoring can be found on any humanoid mob, including undead and half-human creatures such as harpies and centaurs. Due to the fact that tailors have a free professional slot, they are often enchanters, another profession that does not require them to collect resources from drops.

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    • The linen. The early dungeons are a good place to start. There are many humanoid enemies in the Stockade, Deadmines, Ragefire Chasm, and Wailing Caverns.
    • A woolen cloth. At this point in the game, nearly all of the cloth can be found in the Scarlet Monastery, which is easily accessible to both factions. The most abundant material is wool, however. Another option is Shadowfang Keep.
    • The silk. Wool and silk are dropped by Centaurs and demon-worshippers in Desolace and Felwood. The Scalet Monastery, especially the Cathedral, is also noteworthy.
    • The mageweave. In both the open world and the extensive instance of Dire Maul in the same zone, the ogres of Feralas drop a great deal of cloth.
    • The runecloth. This item can be found in high-level dungeons such as Scholomance and Stratholme. Another option is to explore the Western Plaguelands, which are populated by both undead and humans.

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    Tailoring Trainers – Full Tailoring Guide


    • The magar. A tailor shop is located in Orgrimmar’s Drag.
    • Victor Ward. In Undercity, on the inside circle of the Mage Quarter, you can find him.
    • Vhan. The Tailoring trainers in Thunder Bluff are located in the same building as the Leatherworking trainers. On the edge of the Middle Rise, they are located in a large building.
    • Kil’hala. The Crossroads in the Barrens, in the southern part of town, is where he can be found.
    • The bowen Brisboise. In Tirisfal Glades there is a small farmhouse adjacent to a covered bridge. Bowen is inside, and he will also be able to provide you with trade supplies.
    • Kellin Sheets. The Blood Elf with the punny name can be found at the north end of the bazaar in Silvermoon City.

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    • Uthrar Threx. You can find his tailoring shop in Ironforge, on the north side of the Great Forge.
    • Grondal Moonbreeze. He is in Auberdine, a small city on Darkshore with a large dock.
    • Lawrence Schneider. Stormwind City’s Tailor would be located in the Mage Quarter. The shop is located in the southwest corner of the building.
    • Trianna. In Darnassus, she is located in Craftman’s Terrace, in the second shop on the right upon entering from Warrior’s Terrace.
    • Eldrin. From Goldshire, follow the road east until you reach a small bridge. In Elwynn Forest, he resides in a modest cottage on the north side of the road.
    • Refik. To the south of the Seat of the Naaru, in Trader’s Tier in The Exodar.

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    • Grarnik Goodstitch. She is located in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale, with the other tradespeople on the east side of the city.
    • Meilosh. Look under the arc in the central room of Timbermaw Hold, which extends between Felwood, Moonglade, and Winterspring. To speak with him, you must have neutral standing with the Timbermaw faction.

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    Levels 1 to 300 – Full Tailoring Guide

    If your character needs to make specific pieces of gear, you can vary the following steps, but this is the most effective way to maximize your old-world tailoring to 300.

    • Apprentice, up to 75. To reach 50 bolts of linen cloth, make enough bolts. Learn some new recipes in Journeyman.
    • Journeyman, up to 150. You will need 20 bolts of linen cloth to make 70 linen bags. Now you can train in recipes involving wool, including bolts of wool cloth. Any combination of these can bring you to 105, and any combination of the Grey Woolen Shirt or Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders can bring you to 125. Learn how to grind up to 150 bolts of silk cloth.

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    • Expert, up to 225. You may combine the Azure Silk Hood, Formal White Shirt, or Silk Headband to reach 175 points. Learn to make the Bolt of Mageweave and the Crimson Silk Vest, and use these recipes to reach at least 200.
    • Artisan, up to 300. A combination of Black Mageweave, Leggings, Gloves, or Headband will raise your level to 250. It is now possible to learn how to make a bolt of Runecloth. You can max out your Tailoring skill by making Runecloth Bolts, Belts, and Bags. It is now time for you to begin training in Outland.

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    Artisan Tailoring, 225 to 300 – Full Tailoring Guide

    Once you reach level 200 in Tailoring, there is only one trainer who can teach you recipes. Depending on the faction, other trainers will direct you to them once they run out of recipes.

    • Timothy Worthington. He can be found on Theramore Isle in Dustwallow March by Alliance players. If you prefer not to run through swamps, there is a flight plan and a ship that will take you there.
    • Daryl Stack. He is standing in front of the chapel in Tarren Mill, a Horde town in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

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    Tailoring In Outland – Full Tailoring Guide

    The Mastery Level requires you to select one of three Tailoring Specializations. To do so, you must visit a certain NPC in the lower city of Shattrath and select either Mooncloth, Spellfire, or Shadoweave. Although your character can only choose one at a time, the decision is not permanent and you may change your mind at any time.

    In Shattrath, all of the trainers for these skills stand by the Mana Loom, which is required in order to make Imbued Netherweave bolts.

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    Outland Trainers – Full Tailoring Guide

    • Dalinna. In Thrallmar, she is standing next to the Jewelcrafting trainer in a tavern.
    • Hama. This is located upstairs in the Alliance outpost of Honor Hold, southeast of Hellfire Citadel.
    • Andrion DarkspinnNamaraer. A Shadoweave trainer can be found in Shattrath’s Lower City. He is the pouty human wearing a dark robe.
    • Gidge Spellweaver. She is the gnome standing next to the Mana Loom in Shattrath.
    • Nasmara Moonsong. She is the Night Elf standing near the entrance to her tent, The Mooncloth Tailor.

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    Farming Netherweave – Full Tailoring Guide

    The dungeons located at Hellfire Citadel are populated by Orcs and drop decent quantities of cloth, making this one of the best places to farm Netherweave, and you need to run it anyway for reputation grinding and gear upgrades. Another option is the Coilfang Reservoir, which contains a large amount of Naga and Broken dropping cloth.

    Netherweave can also be obtained by completing quests that involve killing undead or Blood Elves as part of the Shattered Sun Offensive.

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    Outland Leveling Guide, Levels 300 to 375

    • By making Bolts of Netherweave, you will increase your level to 325. Bolts of Imbued Netherweave require Arcane Dust, an enchanting resource. As a result, your skill level has been raised to 340.
    • Netherweave Robe and Netherweave Tunic can be combined to raise your level to 360. Now you can learn how to make the Imbued Netherweave Robe. You can make as many of these as you need to raise your level to at least 350, but if you have the material, you can raise it to 375.

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    Northrend Trainers – Full Tailoring Guide

    It is recommended that you have a Tailoring skill of at least 350 before travelling to Northrend. In this new environment, you will only be able to receive training beyond this level from the professionals you will meet.

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    • Alex McQueen: Landing in Vengeance on the east coast of Howling Fjord. It is accessible by zeppelin from Tirisfal Glades.
    • Raenah: Located in the Borean Tundra on the main floor of Warsong Hold. From the tower outside the front gates of Orgrimmar, take a zeppelin.

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    • It is located in the city of Valgarde, nestled in the natural part of Howling Fjord. Here is where the boat from Menethil Harbor docks.
    • Darin Goodstitch: You will find them in Valiance Keep, off the southern coast of the Borean Tundra. From Stormwind Harbor, take a boat.

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    • Charles Worth. Located along the street of Magus Commerce Exchange, Talismanic Textiles is a tailor’s shop. He stands in front of the counter.

    Farming Frostweave – Full Tailoring Guide

    • Enemy Drops: If you are seeking drops from enemies in the open world, you should target any humanoid character first. As a result, Howling Fjord is a better starting point, since most of the enemies on this part of the continent are humanoids.
    • Dungeons: Frostweave, humanoid enemies can be found in any instance, but priority should be given to those featuring humanoid enemies. Two examples are the Vykrul temple at Utgarde Keep and the Troll temple at Zul’Drak.

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    • Reinforced Crates: Among the many things you can retrieve from the depths through Fishing, they appear randomly in a variety of fishing nodes. Borean Leather, Cobalt Ore, and Frostweave cloth can be found in them.
    • Chests and Lockboxes. There is a chance that they may carry Frostweave, regardless of whether they appear in the open world as something you can open and loot or as an item in your inventory that a rogue is required to open.

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    Northrend Leveling Guide, 350 to 450 – Full Tailoring Guide


    A new cloth has been woven on the loom. It is Frostweave, which can only be found in Northrend and is only available to characters who are at least level 70. To level your Tailoring skill from 350 to 375, you must gather 250 pieces of Frostweave Cloth and make 50 Bolts of Frostweave in the process.

    Upon reaching 375, speak with your Trainer about the Frostweave set. Make key components of this set in order to grind up to 395. A possible combination is five belts, five pairs of boots, and thirteen cowls. You can now ask to be trained in the Duskweave set, and five Duskweave Belts should bring you to 400.

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    Imbued Frostweave

    Upon reaching level 400, you will be able to train to make Imbued Frostweave. Among the high-level Northrend Tailoring recipes, this is the main ingredient. Bolts of Frostweave and Infinite Dust, an Enchanting reagent, are required to make it. If you are not an Enchanter, you may purchase it from the Auction House, ask a friend, or raid the guild bank.

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    The training for a few higher-level recipes should have been completed by now. Make parts of the Duskweave set in order to get from 400 to 425, which requires five belts, five pairs of boots, and thirteen cowls. It is now possible to make Frostweave Bags. There is always a need for more storage space, so these units are easy to sell if you are not able to utilize them all. For a skill level of 450, you need to make about 20.


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