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    WILD HEARTS Gameplay Trailer Shows 7+ Minutes of Hunting, Video Inside

    WILD HEARTS Gameplay : Wild Hearts has released its first gameplay trailer, revealing an easy-to-navigate world. Using the Karakuri, players can construct rotary-winged gliders, zipline-firing harpoons, and spring-loaded platforms for jumping.

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    As with Monster Hunter, the first step in hunting monsters is to locate them. The giant boar creature known as Kingtusk can be found grazing atop a mountain. A zipline harpoon is used to reach the top of a mesa where our solo player faces off against the enormous beast alone.

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    In spite of some fancy swordplay that interweaves Karakuri construction between blows, our brave hero is unable to defeat the boar on his own. If you are caught off guard by Kingtusk’s charge, it is likely to be fatal.

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    Wild Hearts allows up to three players to join forces. The arrival of player two brings an umbrella-armed ally to pursue Kingtusk, who has fled through a bamboo thicket to a deeper part of the forest.It is easier to track Kingtusk thanks to ethereal white wisps, which appear to replace Scoutflies from Monster Hunter.. Other smaller beasts along the way also provide materials that may be useful in crafting better equipment.

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    It is an impressive display of coordinated attacks and the timely arrival of player three, who is armed with a transforming staff that can be switched between twin blades and a giant shuriken during the final encounter with Kingtusk. Kingtusk is also taken down by the Karakuri, which turns into a giant bomb or a tower armed with hammers.

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    As a whole, Wild Hearts appears to be influenced heavily by Monster Hunter, although its combat may be faster and more fluid than that of Capcom’s title. As EA and Koei Tecmo release more information prior to Wild Hearts’ release on February 17, we will be able to learn more about the game.

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