10 Reasons why you should consider having a virtual office

Virtual offices have been around for a while, but with technology constantly expanding and even dissolving the definitions of traditional work spaces, more and more businesses of various industries have been adopting the virtual office model. While it shouldn’t be taken as the ultimate solution to all business problems and needs, a virtual office does indeed tend to borrow the best of two, seemingly incompatible worlds – the one of remote
work and the one of physical office spaces.

In that spirit, here are the top 10 reasons for having a virtual office.

Instantly Operational

The hardest part of pretty much any business venture is usually the start. Even the most innovative, bullet-proof business model needs time to take off the ground, and on top of that, it is exactly during that same time that the owner faces the most operational expenses, making it very difficult to keep a business afloat. Only God knows how many great business ideas have never seen the light of day because of the lack of sufficient initial capital.

A virtual office is the perfect escape out of that catch-22 as everything is already up and running, ready to go without the need of big initial investments.

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Reduced Operational Costs and Overheads

A virtual office tends to be the far more cost-effective option on account of offering major reduction or even complete elimination of certain costs. You won’t need to worry about transportation fees. A huge relief is the ability to “pay as you go” for different services and facilities, renting them once at a time only when you actually need them. Office equipment costs, wages, rental fees, and other overheads are significantly lower in a virtual office, leaving you with more capital to pursue other opportunities or simply mitigate the financial risks of your
business endeavor.

Increased Productivity

It may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but the freedom that comes with a virtual office isn’t at the cost of staff’s productivity, in fact, it actually increases it, especially if you build a solid remote office work culture which clearly distinguishes flexibility from idleness. This is because employees aren’t judged by the time they spend in an actual office, but by the work they present. That way, a virtual office also inspires a sense of mutual trust, which in turn increases morale, job satisfaction, and respectively productivity.

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Flexible Lease Contracts

This is another major hassle a virtual office takes care of. Leases, rental contracts, mortgages – all that is not for you to worry about as you’re merely renting the virtual office with very little financial commitment. This proposition is a huge relief as potential financial difficulties wouldn’t pose extra problems like having to pay rent for an office you don’t need anymore – you can simply cancel the agreement, just like you can also do if there’s an opportunity for expansion which needs to be grabbed before the current lease is over.

Expansion and Testing Markets

A virtual office significantly mitigates the financial risks of exploring uncharted business territories as everything is cheaper and readily accessible, making expansion or testing new markets much easier and far less risky. You get the invaluable chance to see your idea in action and whether it’s worth going all-in after – a luxury business owners didn’t have before virtual offices, the lack of which has led to many costly mistakes and lost opportunities.

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Better Business Identity and Credibility

Even nowadays, when the notions of work spaces and arrangements are far more flexible than they were a few years ago, running a company, especially from certain business sectors, entirely from your home doesn’t inspire the most respect and sense of authority, the lack of which is never good for business. It may seem unfair and trivial, but sometimes an address in a fancy part of the city is all it takes to get things rolling. A virtual office equalizes the odds and even tips them in your favor by putting a respectable address on your business cards for the fraction of its actual cost.

So even if for nothing else, a virtual office can do wonders for your public image.

Automated Services

A virtual office comes with fully trained, multi-tasking staff that takes care of everything a professional secretary would, like taking calls, messages, scanning of physical mail and emailing you the contents. This is perfect for many companies that rarely need a secretary, yet do need to have one on duty just in case. Not only is this option cheaper, but if the secretary happens to be sick, it is the virtual office’s responsibility to find a replacement and pay the medical ills, not yours.

Access to Facilities

Having access to facilities like conference rooms and presentation theatres is crucial to a professional image, but for many companies which only use them once or twice in a blue moon yet have to rent them full-time to be able to do so, the cost is barely worth it. A virtual office is the perfect solution to this major inconvenience as you can hire them on a case-by-case basis, just like when you happen to need certain office supplies and equipment. It’s something like a hotel for office facilities and equipment at the cost of a rented apartment or even cheaper.

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Access at all Times

Having a virtual office means having access to it at all times, as long as there’s an Internet connection. This is a benefit that isn’t to be overlooked as it can prove to be a real life-saver in emergencies like urgent client requests, in which cases the team can easily “gather” together, get the work done remotely, save the day, and ultimately, earn a client’s unfaltering loyalty – one of the best investments a business could ever make.


This is more of a big-picture benefit, which shouldn’t make it any less valuable, perhaps even just the contrary. Having a virtual office means going there only when you need to, resulting in less driving and energy consumption, or in other words, a smaller footprint on the environment. This is good news not just for you, but for everyone, in times when a benefit like this might soon turn into a necessity for survival. And on a brighter, more selfish note, being eco-friendly is another major bonus point on your public image.

As you can see, virtual office isn’t just another buzzword. While it may be a product of our technology-laden day and age, it is a product of its upside, not its downside. Rather than a promise of cutting corners to easy success, a virtual office is a highly robust, versatile, and cost-effective tool which you can use to overcome all the financial, logistic, physical, and technical obstacles most modern businesses face.


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