It's Been Getting Easier To Buy A PS5 In The US | Where Can I Buy A PS5 In The USA

It’s Been Getting Easier To Buy A PS5 In The US | Where Can I Buy A PS5 In The USA

Where Can I Buy A PS5 In The USA: Since its launch nearly two years ago, the PlayStation 5 has been notoriously difficult to obtain. Although Sony’s consoles have historically been difficult to purchase upon launch, especially the PS2, things usually improve by the second year. There have been unprecedented supply chain challenges for Sony, including computer chip shortages, but now it appears the tide is turning.

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It appears that the prospects for PS5 owners are improving. David Gibson, a senior analyst at MST Financial, reports that supply figures for Sony’s console have significantly improved. Gibson found import data that confirms PlayStation shipments last month were up by over 400 percent year over year, in spite of anecdotal reports to the contrary. It should be noted, however, that this applies only to the United States.

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As a matter of fact, PlayStation imports have been steadily increasing over the past few months, with a chart showing progressively steep increases in shipment numbers since July. Sony is preparing inventory for the launch of God of War Ragnarok with the most recent shipment, which was a significant increase from this time last year.

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On the Xbox side, Gibson also produced a chart. The total number of shipments for Microsoft’s consoles might not be as high as Sony’s, however there is also an increase in shipments over the past year, which Gibson bases his estimates on a “more interpretation to obtain the right sources”, but it appears that shipments into the US for September increased by more than 89 percent over last year.

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However, Nintendo’s supply has not been as strong, with shipments down 59 percent year-over-year. However, Gibson points out that Nintendo has been using air freight, while his data is based on sea freight, so it may not be as bad as it appears.

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In America at least, the increase in PS5 stock is making it easier than ever to obtain one, while the price of the console has also remained unchanged. In other territories, however, such as the UK, the price of the PS5 has increased in recent months due to inflation and currency fluctuations.

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