Twitch Revenue Split Change 2022

As part of its commitment to standardize its 50/50 revenue split, Twitch is removing its best-paying 70/30 revenue split for most of its streamers. 

As Twitch president Dan Clancy announced in a blog post, the streaming platform denied a petition that now has 22,000 signatures requesting at least 70% of subscription revenue for its streamers. 

Twitch had been offering premium deals to some of its top streamers that granted a 70/30 split instead of the more common 50/50 split.  

In the future, those who are currently on these premium deals (streamers with larger audiences, generally) will see their revenue reduced as well. 

“In an ideal world all streamers would be on the same set of terms regardless of size. However, instituting that policy would have a negative impact on the streamers currently on these terms.” 

When these new rules go into effect on June 1, 2023, they won’t return to a strict 50/50 deal. There will be a 70/30 split until $100,000 is earned in subscription revenue, and then it will be reduced to 50/50.