Star Citizen raises half a billion dollars – and $100 million in less than a year

Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign: Another crowdfunding milestone has been reached by Star Citizen.

Star Citizen continues to break crowdfunding milestones, it remains in a perpetual state of development with no end in sight.

Under Cloud Imperium Games and its director Chris Roberts, it’s unlikely Star Citizen is experiencing development hell.

Star Citizen is in development heaven, as its lofty aspirations continue  to soar. As the project remains in an open Alpha phase, posing as a  tech demo rather than a fully-realized game, Star Citizen’s vision has  only grown over the years.

Though Star Citizen has raised over $500 million in crowdfunding to  date, many voices across the gaming community argue that those funds  have not been spent wisely.

One such free-fly event took place this September in Star Citizen,  offering players a chance to experience the space-sim for free for a  limited time.

Star Citizen is every bit as impressive as its mission statement makes  it out to be, but many disillusioned backers feel cheated that the  space-sim of their dreams is far from complete.

Although crowdfunding packs for Star Citizen that cost up to $40,000  remain a part of its long development, the gaming industry has evolved  to accommodate Star Citizen’s space-sim vision.