Return To Monkey Island

players will construct a broom after  constructing a pirate ship to disguising Guybrush so he can join  LeChuck’s crew. It will be necessary for players to think outside the  box in order to fool They are being blocked by a phantom quartermaster.

In Melee Island, players must rely on voodoo magic and a rare artifact  hidden somewhere. However, they must first solve a few challenging  puzzles and then consult with the Voodoo Lady to restore the item’s  identity-concealing power.

When building their broom, players will need to acquire two Monocles and  a Carnivorous Plant. Players can obtain the latter by cutting a green  plant in the Deep Dark Forest where they carved their broom handle

whilst the Monocles can be obtained from the box on Wally’s desk at the  map shop on Low Street. For the second monocle to become available,  players must exit and re-enter the store after acquiring the first one.

Players who already possess the items listed above should visit the  Museum of Pirate Lore, which is near the entrance to the Deep Dark  Forest.

Using the Double Monocle, they should read the small numbers above the  lock. In the storeroom, they need to go through the door in the back  right corner of the museum and get the Cracker Mix from the shelf on the  left.