Modern Warfare 2 beta “crashing on PC 0x00001338 error”

Modern Warfare 2 has been an exciting time for both new and returning Call of Duty fans, but many are experiencing a number of bugs and error codes. 

A large number of players are experiencing problems with the highly anticipated title right now, mainly crashing. The 0x00001338 error code has been one of the most notorious crash errors in the beta for quite some time

It appears this problem is crashing the Modern Warfare 2 launcher even  before players are able to access the lobby in-game on Steam and 

As Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta phase, there is no permanent  fix to the PC crash error for both Nvidia and AMD users. Here are some  steps players can take to solve the error temporarily, and continue to  play during the beta period.

Troubleshooting the “crashing on PC 0x00001338 error” in Modern Warfare 2 beta 1) Ensure that the graphics drivers are up-to-date 2) To verify the Modern Warfare 2 beta game file