Google Earth and Paint are being used to stitch together GTA 6’s map

In addition to leaked footage, Google Earth and Microsoft Paint are already being used to recreate GTA 6’s map. 

90 distinct videos of leaked GTA 6 footage were posted online over the weekend. Later, Rockstar acknowledged the leak in a statement, stating that they were “extremely disappointed” in the incident, but the leak had not impeded development. 

After the original leak, dedicated GTA fans are creating an in-game map of GTA 6 based on the leaked footage. . 

Rockstar is suing those who host the content with DMCA notices, so fans can’t use any of the video footage in their final creation, as reported by Kotaku 

As a result, users on the GTA forum, where the map is being compiled, have had to get creative with their recreations.  

Some users are using Google Earth screenshots to stand in for the leaked map screenshots, while others are drawing their own maps using tools like Microsoft Paint. 

Finding out the actual dimensions of GTA 6’s map becomes even more difficult. Rockstar has always scaled down their in-game worlds compared to their real-life counterparts, so it won’t be a 1:1 recreation.