FBI investigation may now be underway into the GTA 6 leak

The FBI is investigating the hacker who allegedly breached Uber’s  security, according to Uber’s blog post. Lapsus$, the same group  mentioned in the post, was also suspected of leaking Rockstar’s GTA 6  development footage. Uber did not independently verify this and referred  to external sources.

Uber wrote in a statement that it was working closely with the FBI and  US Department of Justice on this matter, and that it would continue to  support their efforts. Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, and other companies  were also allegedly breached by Lapsus$ in 2022.

Uber claims Lapsus$ gained access to an Uber contractor’s account by purchasing the compromised password on the dark web.

As a result, Lapsus$ repeatedly attempted to log in and triggered the  two-factor authentication until one such request was approved by the  contractor.

In an official statement, Rockstar confirmed the GTA 6 footage leak is  legitimate. Rockstar recently suffered a network intrusion.

“We do not anticipate any disruption to our live game services or any long-term impact on our ongoing projects at this time.”

Rockstar was criticized by the industry for leaking a development build.

As a result of the growing discourse around how a game changes from  conception to completion, many studios posted what their own games  looked like during development.