5 ways to optimize your CTAs for better conversion 2021

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To the tech-savvy business owner of today, there are two important things when they market their business online. First is to create a good website as your internet real estate and second is to drive traffic to this website. But what happens after the traffic lands on your site pages? How do you treat people who are visiting your property for the first time? If you are not making them take action on your page, you are losing some serious business. But how do you make these users take action?

Through buttons, which are also known as calls-to-action (CTA).

It can range from ‘buy this ebook’ to ‘shop now!’, depending on the nature of your business. However, if your target audience is still not getting the hint from the CTAs that are already a part of the site, you need to improve your game and look into the depths of your analytical dashboard. A simple change in a CTA can have an overwhelming impact on your website conversion rate. Keep the following things in mind when optimizing CTAs:


When working with different elements on your website, you will realize that you must test different things to choose the one that fits. In the case of CTAs, testing is ideal. Testing determines the best strategy for your website and the calls-to-action which are most suitable for your type of website. A/B testing site pages eliminates the chance of guesswork on your website. You can optimize better calls to action by following data-driven approach to site navigation. There are some things you must keep in mind before testing the plugins:

  • Do not test more than one element at a time. Testing more than one thing at a time creates confusion and may end up with no considerable data to follow on. You won’t be able to assess the changing variables, and the confusion will affect your site’s conversion rate.
  • When testing, your version of the CTA must be final and unaltered. Any changes in the CTA can directly affect your test results and user experience
  • Your testing audience should be selected randomly because a tailored group will not have that experience you require to fuel your conversions. Use any tool out there to split the incoming traffic into two groups, each subjected to a different version of the CTA
  • The most important thing about testing CTAs is to test both elements at the same time. Whatever variation you have made, publish them and expose your audience to them at the same time. If you launch test A today and Test B after three weeks, you will learn nothing about the effect of the tests on your target audience

Strategic placement:

Many websites opt to place their calls to action in the bottom of each post. There is a bit of bad news for site owners who try this placement. The average reader only gets to 60 percent of an article. You can prevent a lot of traffic from bouncing off the page by incorporating the calls to action somewhere in the middle of the article or in a floating format. Place them strategically, so they are visible always. The best way to place a CTA is by following the path of the eye of a user and matching the placement of the CTA according to this path.

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The most effective placement will be figured out by your own research and study of user behaviour on the site. Be it in the top banner, side widget, middle or footer bar, a call to action will be highlighted better when it is placed in perfect contrast to the content of the site. Invisible Children, a charity website, used statistics to place their ‘donate’ button in between the content in grey colour, so it never gets overlooked by a reader.

5 ways to optimize your CTAs for better conversion-strategic placement


The call to action on your website is directly linked to sizes of display. If it is too small, users will ignore or overlook it. If it is too big, it will seem overwhelming to the users, diverting attention from other important information. Find out the ideal size which is neither too big nor too small and delivers the message in the simplest way possible. If you agree on blocks, they should look clickable to the user. If you choose banner headlines, they should look large and hard to miss.


One simple size change on your CTAs can have a huge impact on your bottom line! Shay Howe from Groupon suggests that you should design buttons with rounded corners, rather than going for the square corners. The difference is not notable to the eye, but Howe stresses that it makes all the difference to your conversion rates. The ‘pill-shaped’ calls to action are preferred by users. The users will perceive these buttons as clickable and will take action on your page. It is an intricate way of playing with consumer psychology.

Consumer psychology is the best way to learn about the design trends of today and to predict how it shapes user actions. Most of the world’s popular websites have embraced the flat design, and you need to determine if the target audience will click more on a flat button or around pill button.


Use words that are action-oriented. Eliminate the guesswork in CTAs by writing the instruction in bold text. Ever seen a huge sign of ‘SALE’ written on a red background in the H&M site and felt the urge to splurge? This is the kind of CTA we are talking about. You need to guide your audience. Otherwise they will be lost in the abyss of pages and elements of your website.

5 ways to optimize your CTAs for better conversion-word

Last word:

When it comes to CTAs, they can make or break your website’s conversion rate. The best practices included in this article will guide you on the best ways to incorporate CTAs on the site and turn it into a business opportunity.

The right shape, colour, size and placement of the CTA can have a huge impact on the way your users act on the site. CTAs are the gatekeepers to your website. It’s your job to make them look really cool to the audience.

If you want to understand consumer behavior, read this guide on consumer mapping by Salesmate. Mapping the customer journey will help you immensely in deciding which CTA should go and which ones should not.


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