Saturday, December 10, 2022

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    Valve Deckard VR Headset : A job listing confirms the existence of Valve’s new VR headset

    Valve Deckard VR Headset : A patent filing and a leak suggest that a new VR headset might be on the way from Valve. There is now a job listing on the company’s website that almost confirms the existence of its next VR headset, codenamed Deckard.

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    It has been discovered by UploadVR that the main scope of this position is to prototype, ship, and support consumer gaming products utilizing visual-inertial tracking (HMDs and controllers), camera passthrough, environment understanding, eye tracking, and hand tracking. It is certainly a confirmation of an earlier leak, but there has been no indication of an announcement or a release date at this time.

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    Since the HTC Vive was released in 2015, Valve has been dabbling in virtual reality, although it designed its own headset three years ago. At $999, it is more expensive than Oculus and PlayStation’s own ventures. According to Gabe Newell in a 2017 interview, VR could be a huge success or a complete failure, so although Valve has been optimistic about the success of VR, it has also been prepared for the worst case scenario. As Valve works on a new VR headset, it appears that the company is becoming more optimistic about this technology.

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    Considering the buzz that its Steam Deck has created, Valve also appears to be doing fairly well in terms of hardware overall. As it turns out, Japan is one of Steam Deck’s fastest-growing markets, which is great news considering it is a console-dominated market and the Steam Deck is basically a handheld computer.

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    Initially, its availability was problematic, but it is now available without registration, and it will be shipped within one to two weeks.

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    Due to the popularity of the handheld and the positive response from the fans, Valve has already begun working on the next version of the Steam Deck as well. As compared to years past, when Valve abandoned hardware, such as the Steam Controller and Link, this represents a significant shift.

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