How To Build A Big Opt-in List By Using Articles As Your Lead Generation Tool 2020

There are many strategies you can follow to build opt-in list for your business. As long as you have a good squeeze page in place, it’s only a matter of driving traffic to your page. You can do it by using various strategies, such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, media buying, video marketing, and so on.

But, among many of those strategies, you can drive traffic to your squeeze page with article marketing. Only by writing good articles, you can drive traffic to your squeeze page and get more opt-in subscribers. This is a good lead generation tool that you can use in your business.

There are a lot of benefits of article marketing. First, it is simple. You only write articles related to your niche, and then publish it in your website or other related websites. Second, it can be done for free.

If you have the ability to write well-written content, then it is a free marketing strategy for you. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to promote your squeeze page, when you compare it with many paid marketing strategies. And third, article marketing can bring quality traffic to your squeeze page.

People who read your articles and go to your squeeze page after reading your articles are the people who are very interested in becoming your subscribers. Thus, you can convert your subscribers easily if you do this.

Now, how can you effectively use this promotion strategy to increase the number of subscribers in your list? Here are some tips you can follow to build a big opt-in list by using articles as your lead generation tool:

Opt-in List By Using Articles As Your Lead Generation Tool

How To Build A Big Opt-in List By Using Articles As Your Lead Generation Tool

1. The Continuity Of Your Articles

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When you choose to attract more subscribers to your mailing list by using articles, you have to ensure that you can keep up with your article writing. If you just write one article and expect it to deliver a lot of subscribers to your list for a long time to come, then you will be disappointed.

It is important for you to keep writing articles to attract more subscribers to your list, even though you already have them coming to you. Your articles should also be relevant to each other, providing a more unified message to your audience. In other words, publish your articles regularly to keep your new subscribers coming.

2. Provide Relevant Links In Your Articles

You are sending the traffic to your opt-in page by placing relevant links in your articles. These links are the bridge for you to lead your audience to your squeeze page. So, it is important for you to place your links naturally.

Simply let your audience know about your squeeze page in your article, and make the links a part of your content. In this way, your audience will be compelled to go to your link without feeling that they are forced to do that.

3. Give The Answers That Your Audience Needs

Every business makes money by providing solutions to their audience’s problems. In every niche, there is a problem that you need to solve. With these problems, there are a lot of questions that your audience are asking.

These questions are the embodiment of their problems. For instance, if you are on a weight loss niche, you will hear questions like “How can I lose weight quickly,” “How can I burn my belly fat without exercising,” “Can busy people follow this weight loss program,” and many other questions.

Your goal is to provide satisfying answers to those questions with your articles. This will entice your audience to join your list to learn more from you.

4. Write Only Relevant Articles

You should not write articles that are not related to your business niche. Relevancy is important to keep your audience interested in reading your articles. If today you write an article about weight loss, and tomorrow you write an article about skin care, then your audience will lose their focus on reading your articles.

They don’t know what you really want to give to them. This can lead to a problem in your business. They might not be willing to join your list because you are not clear about the niche that you are working on. You cannot become an expert in all niches. If you have a business on a weight loss niche, be sure to write articles that are related only to the weight loss niche.

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