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    Unlock Sukajan Kiriko Skin: Overwatch 2 players are unsatisfied with Kiriko’s $20 athletic skin

    Unlock Sukajan Kiriko skin: Overwatch 2 players are not pleased with the game’s monetisation and the price of skins. In spite of the fact that this has occurred several times since the game’s initial announcement, and even in the pay-to-play original, one Legendary skin for Kiriko is causing particular outrage because of its high price for seemingly no reason at all.

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    According to our report yesterday, Kiriko’s cosmetics are already controversial due to the fact that it could take upwards of five years to unlock all of them without spending any money. Even worse, one of her most expensive purchases, the Legendary Athleisure skin, is being criticized on social media for its lack of effort.

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    In general, Legendary Overwatch skins earn their title fairly well. If you would like an example of what the category is intended to accomplish, take a look at any of the big holiday cosmetics or the Legendary skins that completely alter the appearance of a character such as Young Genji. Kiriko’s Athleisure skin is another option. This Legendary gives Kiriko headphones and a varsity jacket for the price of $19.

    Why is Kiriko’s Athleisure skin considered legendary? The only real difference is her jacket for $19USD… from Overwatch

    However, that is all that has changed with the skin. There have been no other changes to her clothing, and her weapons have remained the same, which is particularly frustrating since it is the only thing most players will notice has changed.

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    It would be pretty standard for a less expensive skin, but it is very low-effort for a Legendary.

    Overwatch players have immediately noticed and criticized this fact on social media. Redditor Junochu, who pointed out how little the skin changes on the game’s subreddit, made one of the most popular posts. As of this writing, it has received over 20 thousand upvotes, and a large number of angry comments.

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    It was pointed out by one of those Redditors that a blue version of the skin had been given away as a free drop on Twitch, rendering the regular Athleisure skin obsolete.

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