TrackingDesk Review 2022 : 5 Reasons Why TrackingDesk is The Ultimate Tracking Solution

Hey guys, today I wanted to tell you about TrackingDesk, an awesome tracking and traffic management platform for pretty much every marketer. While the platform is mainly targeted towards affiliate marketers and media buyers, it has the ability to track any type of traffic.

If you’ve used a tracking platform already in the past, then you know how intimidating the task of setting up a campaign could be. But everything that I’ve seen from TrackingDesk has shown me more and more that tracking can be done without breaking a sweat. From setting up a campaign to analyzing your efforts, it’s a pretty straightforward and intuitive process.

TrackingDesk Review



5 Reasons Why I Love TrackingDesk

1)No Manual Set-Up

This was a huge reason I wanted to check out TrackingDesk in the first place. Setting up a campaign while passing parameters and updating token parameters is a painful process. But TrackingDesk’ predefined affiliate networks and traffic sources makes it a million times easier and only requires a few clicks.



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What happens when the traffic comes from a geo that your advertiser doesn’t allow? You lose traffic, which means you lose opportunities to lift conversions.

TrackingDesk lets you choose if you want it to automatically redirect your traffic to places that are most relevant with just a single click. It’s a pretty nice feature, especially if you’re running multiple campaigns.




3)Targeting Rules and Landing Page Rotation

Being able to optimize a campaign on a tracking platform gives TrackingDesk the right to call itself an all in one platform. With 8 targeting rules (OS, browser, device, GEO, language, category, dayparting, and keywords), marketers can rotate landing pages and A/B test them to see which performs the best.


4)Affordable Tracking Solution

With an all in one platform, you would think that it would cost an arm and a leg- but in reality TrackingDesk is super affordable. There are various pricing plans which can suit a beginner to media agencies.


5)Easy to Read Analytics

If you’re running a campaign, you probably want to know what are your overall costs and revenue. Surprisingly, on most platforms it’s not so easy to find out what keywords or campaigns are performing best without digging too deep. TrackingDesk gives you the data you need without searching for it.


Key Features

  • No technical skills needed- start your mobile campaigns in a matter of clicks.
  • Rotated thousands of landing pages, Geo target, track keywords, OS, browser, and with a flexible tracking link.
  • No token parameters have to be updated- They’re already predefined in TrackingDesk.
  • Track any type of traffic- Mobile campaigns, SEO, Popup/PPV, Email… Everything!
  • +50 integrated Traffic Sources
  • +5000 integrated Affiliate Networks
  • 9 integrated affiliate technologies
  • 8 Targeting rules


Bottom Line- It’s a Must Have

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert in performance marketing, TrackingDesk offers a tracking solution that doesn’t intimidate the user. This is especially true in affiliate marketing where most of the time you have to spend countless hours just trying to figure out how to pass parameters.

The convenience, user friendly interface, integrations, and pricing truly make it the ultimate tracking solution. So if you’re looking to try out a new tracking solution, give TrackingDesk a test run with their 30 day free trial.


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