Top Ten Simple but Very Powerful SEO Techniques To Top Ten Rankings 2022

This post “Top Ten Simple but Very Powerful SEO Techniques To Top Ten Rankings” is guest post by Katrina.

As a part of their marketing efforts, most website owners often spend a great deal of time creating a beautiful website. However, they forget that a well-designed website is of no use if it is unable to bring substantial traffic, which is what you need to survive in today’s competitive industry.

SEO is your answer to bring massive traffic to your website without spending tons of money investing in useless marketing techniques. In fact, successful websites concentrate on basic but very powerful aspects of search engine optimization that help them create a solid background for future success.

Here are 10 of the best tips and tricks to improve the visibility of your website. If done right, these simple and powerful techniques are the only thing you will need to generate massive targeted traffic.


Set Your Permalinks Correctly

In simple terminology, permalinks are the URL of a webpage. As a first step, it is important to use friendly permalinks that are easy to understand. For instance, a good permalink to a webpage should be able to describe the content within that page.

The following is a good example of a permalink set correctly as it helps individuals understand the page content without clicking on it.


Hi, I'm Shahnawaz.

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Good Example: http://www.yoursite/best-SEO-tips-for-your-website

Bad Example: http://www.yoursite/007


Setting good permalinks are also important because it helps search engine crawlers easily understand the context of a page.

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Create a Sitemap

Google and other search engines love a well-structured website, which makes it easier for the crawlers to search and index the page. Never underestimate the power of creating a good sitemap for your website as it will help visitors navigate to different pages easily.


After the job is done, you’ll definitely experience an increase in traffic, which is a result of more pages indexed by Google and the subsequent increase in rankings on SERP.


Almost every web hosting platform offers simple tools to create a sitemap. WordPress automatically generates a sitemap for your website using a plugin known as Google XML Sitemaps. You can use the tool to structure your sitemap as you wish to make it easier for everyone to navigate easily.


A good website structure also helps in getting top results. If you’re not sure how to create a great sitemap, try asking a digital marketing agency like Local SEO Search.


Use Google Analytics

google analytics niche site details


Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that offers an overview of website traffic. Using the tool, you can easily analyze the number of visitors, their demographics, and how they interact with your website.


Since the focus of Google Analytics is to help website owners improve and understand their traffic source, it also offers assistance to locate 404 error pages and other such problems. By fixing these simple errors, a website with hundreds of pages can easily keep itself in prime condition.


Use a Theme Optimized for Search Engines

As suggested earlier, a lot of website owners focus on beautiful and graphically-rich WordPress themes. Accordingly, they forget the importance of a theme that is specifically designed for search engine optimization.


Irrespective of the platform, it is important to ensure that your WordPress theme or the website portal is built for speed and well-written code that will attract Google bots. A good theme will allow website owners to:

  • modify and customize Meta title tags
  • canonical URL Meta tag
  • incorporate social media sharing tags.


Overall, a well-structured website is your gateway to Internet traffic.


SEO Plugins

If you’re not sure how to start your SEO, look no further than SEO plugins. Popular website hosting platforms such as WordPress offer several SEO plugins that can help start and streamline your SEO efforts. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular versions of SEO Plugins offering almost limitless options to optimize your website.


Almost all other major website hosting platforms offer some kind of SEO plugin that can help you do most of the jobs listed above. Using these SEO plugins, website owners can also enhance their on-page SEO by taking care of the technicalities of webpage design.


Optimize Your Website for Media

In the last few years, Google and other search engines have started using artificial technology to enhance user experience. As a result, we are seeing a lot of images, videos, infographics, and snippets on the search engine results page.


The extensive use of media is a sign that Google is giving a lot of emphasis on rich-content. To make sure that you’re not left out, start including a description of your images and videos when you embed these on the website. Every web host platform allows website owners to add names, description, alt text, and a small caption to images and videos.


Adding these features to the media also helps generate massive traffic from additional sources such as YouTube, Facebook, and related channels.

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Share Your Content

While social media presence is becoming important to boost your productivity, sharing your content on social media is equally important. Embedding a couple of social sharing buttons at the bottom of a page will allow visitors to share your content with their friends and family.


Well-Written content can create a snowball effect, which helps videos and content go viral on the Internet. Never underestimate the power of social media because a well-written content can be your path to fame.


Use Anchor Text and Links

Using links and anchor text correctly is critical to your success. Make sure to use internal links on your website, which point to related content on the other pages of the website. Connecting internal pages by offering access to relevant sources increases the authority of a website.


Similarly, try to get external links from authoritative websites pointing to your webpage. For the anchor text, use meaningful words that give an overview of the page that customers will visit.


Produce High-Quality Content

quality content

Image from


Your main objective of writing content should be to educate a customer. By creating quality content, visitors will trust you by engaging positively with your product and services. Writing irrelevant lengthy posts never helps because Google takes into account the retention rate of visitors to rank pages.


Whenever a visitor spends more time on a specific page, it is a positive sign of website quality. Nowadays, spammy websites rarely make it to the top page.

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Create a Responsive Design

The rapid increase in mobiles and tablets has made it mandatory for website owners to create websites that are responsive to every imaginable screen format. It may seem difficult to create a responsive website, but you can easily get help from online tools that can generate a mobile-friendly version in minutes.


Creating responsive design is also important from an SEO perspective because Google has started ranking desktop and mobile webpages, separately. If your website looks unorganized on mobile, it will never achieve top rankings despite your best efforts.


SEO is the Future of Marketing

From a business perspective, SEO generates a 14.6% conversion rate which beats traditional outbound methods that produce a mere 1.7% conversion. It means that Search Engine Optimization is the most productive method to build a solid online presence. It is important because research reveals that consumers are increasingly looking for relevant and high-quality content instead of relying on ads to make the decision.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that website owners must take SEO seriously if they want a greater return on investment. Hopefully, these tips will help lay a strong foundation for your online success.


Author BIO : 
Katrina is a hardworking individual who always gives her best. As a degree holder, she aspires to establish within the media industry. Expert in building online partnership, she’s been working in digital marketing services, Local SEO Search Inc. for several years.

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