Top 6 Social media engagement tips for small business 2022

In today’s world where every body has their presence in the social media, social media marketing can be considered the first step for becoming the king of the marketing world.

When compared, the big brands are considered to have a better quality than the small brand.

For example, if you are given with a choice to pick a brand out of ADIDAS and the MOCHI. It is obvious that you are going to choose the ADIDAs brand.

The two brands sell the exact same quality of product. The reputation of the brand creates an image in the audience’s mind.

With a proper social media optimization, you and your business can get the exposure that is required, for people to know your existence.

With the tips given below, you can increase your social media presence slowly but surely.

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Social media tips

Social media is a field which does not require a huge investment of time. It is a smart way of marketing your business.

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With these tips you can actively engage with your audience that can positively impact your business.

1.Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself is the first step of marketing.You need to have a clear idea of your weak points and the strong points. If you don’t understand yourself then how can you expect others to understand you.

So before approaching others, know your unique selling proposition that makes you different from the others.

Once you know your unique selling proposition, you will get a brief idea about the kind of audience you need to target. So, when you know that what kind of audiences will be attracted to you, then it will be easy for you to approach them.

If you are having problem in finding the right audiences for yourself. There are tools (google analytics, google ads planner, Facebook ad manager) that can help you to do a thorough research to find the right audience.

2.Knowing the journey of your customer

We all know that one or two steps (engagement) is enough to drive sales, and leads. That may be through specific marketing channel, campaign or content.

The problem here is that, there are many companies who are not fortunate enough to have one touch sales. Customer tends to visit the same shop, leaving without buying. This can be due to the fact that you are not understanding what your audiences need.

You have to find the way to understand what your audiencesarethinking and what they want. This can help you to come up with new strategies to convert those audiences into customers.

You have to clear out the fog between you and your audiences to increase the visibility.Do exhaustive market research, and find out what audiences searches before buying anything.

This way you will have an idea what they need from you.

3.Track every thing

The fact that you are still struggling with the above two steps is because you are lacking the sufficient amount of data to work on.

When you are taking about digital marketing, the two legs on which digital marketing is standing are tracking and measuring.

Tracking and measuring of the data are very important. No matter how good the process is, if there is no data then it is like throwing a ball into the basket in a dark room no way of knowing where the ball is going.

Tracking and measuring of data work run parallelly. With the right amount of data and information you can predict what may happen if you take a certain step.

Make sure that the content on your website are tracked by the google analytic to make sure you have relevant data on your site.

Try to find some promocodes to merge the online and offline contents.

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4.Use flexible methods

Engaging with the audience does not require a fixed path always be a creative thinker when it comes down to angaging with audiences. Use any means that can bring traffic. eBooks, whitepapers, webinars are some of the new methods that are really getting audience’s attention.

Be flexible on your way of approaching the audiences. There are some companies who ask their customer to fill up a review form, every time when they enter their shop.

This way you can convince the customers in believing that their views matters and you will also get the relevant information on what your customer thinking about you.

This tip is one of my favourites. It makes people think that there wishes are taken care of. I have tried this many times, it works like charms.

5.Repurpose each content for the social media as well

Repurposing your content can be one of the very important tips for small business. Small business usually has low budgets. So, instead of creating several contents for several channels, use the same content for all the channels.

For example, if you have a SEO friendly content, try to upload that on social channels as well. If you have created a content for mailing purpose, try uploading on the social media.

See that from which channel the response is high. This can improve the value of your content. This social media tip can also be used to experiment the contents and their range on different channels.

The best way to attract audience attention is by writing contents which are appealing and provide good quality information.

6.Know your competitors

The best way of learning new tricks and tips for small business is to follow every step of your rival and competitors.

Do thorough research on what kind of audience they are targeting, what are the methods they are using. See carefully what offers they are giving to attract audiences.

Learn from them and use their idea, modify them and use it for yourself.

If you can follow their social profile you will get an idea of:

  • Frequency of their post.
  • What kind of the post they post? Either the post is sponsored or organic.
  • What kind of their post get most engagements?
  • Right time of the day they post to get more views.

The above said information you will get just by following their social media accounts. Just think that how much information you will gain by doing a complete thorough research.


There are lots of reason why social media marketing is not in the priority list of the small business. But that does not mean that it does not have any purpose for small business.

It is a platform, where you can get high return with less investment (if done correctly).

Smart strategies that are designed to track the social leverage:

  • Utilizing the content at your disposal.
  • Measuring the performances of every post.

In this article I have listed out few popular social media tips that can boost your social presence.

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