Here are some Top SEO Strategies to help drive Traffic 2020

Getting noticed by the search engines is a simple way to sum up a good search engine optimization strategy. There are many tools and techniques which you can use to get the spotlight on your website. A combination of technology and creativity is what you need to get your SEO goals. Here are some important insights to help bring the traffic that you want.

The Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are a very important part of your overall SEO strategy. These are the links that direct back to your website and managing them well will help you get increased and quality traffic.

Why are they important? Search engines like Google are constantly scouring the net using complex algorithms that bring searchers closer to relevant sites and backlinks are one of the elements which a search engine recognizes.

If your website has more quality backlinks, it will be noticed more by the search engine. Therefore it is paramount that you not only have a requisite number of backlinks or inbound links as they are also called, but you need to make sure they are quality links. There is a ton of information on the internet about SEO strategies and surprisingly there are a few backlink strategies that actually work.

Backlink checkers are a very useful tool for SEO. They offer many special features including competition analysis and live linking updates. These tools also help you weed out bad links in an efficient manner.

Quality Content is the Key

If you are ignoring your content, your backlink quality will suffer and as a result, your website will lose its ranking. How do you determine good effective content? The content does not need to be heavy prose – a simple well-placed description is much more useful than a complex misplaced paragraph. Always remember that your content needs to evoke a trust in the service and product. It also has to be pragmatic, written by keeping in mind how search algorithms work.

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You need to constantly update your relevant content. Ensure that your content is not dated. It always helps to keep up with the relevant trends and have them show up in your content. Many websites have a blog section which allows them to stay updated and also use internal and external links for more visibility.

Many websites nowadays are going back to some of their popular blogs from the past and republishing them by adding relevant updates. This is a strategy that shows quick results. If you are planning to publish blogs take some time to check that all links are good and identify SEO opportunities by tweaking a few things here and there.

Your content should not be generic in nature and it should offer deep insights. Apart from the product description, content that highlights context results in a better user experience.

Keyword Research

Research is very important when you plan your content. Analyze the keywords that are relevant to your product or service and make sure that you incorporate them into your content. At the same time, you should not fall into the temptation of forced keyword insertion as search engines have a way of identifying such pages to maintain the quality of search results.

Now that you have identified the keywords it is time to focus on the lower difficulty terms. There is a reason for this. The keywords with the highest searches will be the ones that are bid for the most. If you are in a competitive industry that is dominated by brand names – getting the best out of those keywords will be a difficult task.

They should form an important part of your strategy but you also need to widen the scope of keywords that you include in your content. Long-tailed keywords are more descriptive in nature and can be utilized to improve site rank.

Onsite Optimization Basics

There are certain SEO basics that website managers and owners can never ignore, no matter how complex or advanced your complete strategy is. A dedicated content management system is recommended for site owners to keep up with the competition. Some of the technicalities that you need to cover are mobile compatibility and website speed. The hierarchy of your content can also be a factor for SEO.

After you have done your keyword research, as suggested earlier in this article, you also need to cover other aspects of your technical content. URLs need to be descriptive and crisp while page titles should have your keywords integrated in a natural manner. Meta descriptions are also very important and when designing content – throw in relevant call-to-actions.

Spreading Your Brand – Beyond Optimization

Just having an optimized website is not enough. Your brand presence needs to go beyond the site and search ads. SEO experts have recognized the importance of social media too as an important marketing tool. Get your website visibility with a well-planned social media campaign that uses the distinctive USPs of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stay Fresh

SEO is forever dynamic and the technology is getting smarter and more complex every year. There are many more SEO strategies and tools that are gaining popularity. Voice search is getting even more popular and you need to start optimizing your site accordingly. This is where your content needs to adapt – choose prose that reflects real-world conversations more so you can leverage voice searches.

Informed site owners and e-commerce managers are choosing the ‘https’ option to give additional security to the information and data that they have to deal with. Search engines too have a partiality to secure websites so this shift has SEO benefits.

Another fact about SEO that a lot of beginners tend to ignore is that Google is not the only search engine out there. Yahoo and Bing together command a significant chunk of the search audience and the top performing sites utilize all three platforms in their SEO strategy.

At the end of the day, user experience matters. Make sure that your website is pleasing to look at and easy to navigate. Take these SEO tips and you will enjoy an improved performance and an increased audience.

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