Street Fighter 6 Maps The Street Fighter 6 game will display the map selected by each player

Street Fighter 6 Maps: The Street Fighter 6 game will display the map selected by each player

Street Fighter 6 Maps: According to the currently ongoing closed beta, Street Fighter 6 will allow players to view whichever map they select, even if those maps are completely different.

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Street Fighter 6 appears to be a gift that keeps on giving. A select number of players have had access to the game over the past few days thanks to a closed beta period, so tons of small details and gameplay features have been shared on social media, such as Kimberly’s special move gaining lyrics if two players use it simultaneously.

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It is one of the most interesting features of Street Fighter 6 that shows how much effort Capcom has put into the game that both players can select and see completely different stages when playing online. It is a first for the series and, to my knowledge, a first for a fighting game that players can select their default stage in a lobby to ensure they always receive the same stage selection.

According to Twitter user andihero, two players fighting on the same map can see completely different stages depending on where they select. According to andihero’s example, the same fighters can be seen both on the training grid map and in an MMA arena.

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In case you are wondering how this is possible, it appears that each Street Fighter 6 map is the same length as the other, and that it is really just the backdrop that changes from game to game. Since Street Fighter 6 does not have any kind of interactive environment, it is feasible to simply swap out the map for each player, as opposed to other Mortal Kombat games.

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A number of Street Fighter fans have immediately expressed their appreciation for the feature as being great for player choice and accessibility, in addition to celebrating the fact that it could mean the end of the training grid stage, since players will no longer have to endure the dull void of a map when selecting whatever map they wish to play on.

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