The Spider-Man Remastered Update allows you to link your PC and PlayStation Network accounts

The Spider-Man Remastered Update allows you to link your PC and PlayStation Network accounts

Spider-Man Remastered Link PC And PSN : It appears that the datamines were accurate. In the latest patch, code that hinted at a future PSN integration in Spider-Man Remastered has been confirmed, allowing players to link their Steam and PSN accounts in-game.

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Spider-Man Remastered update v1.1006.0.0 now allows players to link their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts in order to receive the Resilient Suit and Concussive Blast Gadget. As predicted by the datamines, you will also receive two free skill points. If you have already received these in-game items and have reached the level cap of 50, all you will receive are “the latest news, updates, and offers from PlayStation Studios games on PC and PlayStation.”

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Although linking your accounts is optional, the items will remain unlocked as long as your accounts are linked.

A PSN launcher was also hinted at by the same datamines that predicted account linking. There has been no announcement of such a launcher to date, but Sony could simply be awaiting the arrival of a few more of its previously exclusive titles on PC before deciding whether such a launcher is necessary.

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Moreover, developer Insomniac Games confirmed that Spider-Man Remastered now supports Intel’s new XeSS technology, which can be found on Intel’s new Arc video cards. FSR, AMD’s AI-powered upscaling solution, has been upgraded to version 2.1.1, and DLSS 3 support is in the process of being added.

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Stuttering caused by ray tracing has been fixed, which was particularly annoying for users. Insomniac continued, “Moreover, this patch contains improvements to the quality of ray-traced reflections as well as visual fixes for certain cinematics when viewed in 32:9 aspect ratio.” Additionally, this update addresses a bug that may cause crashes when entering minigames on certain hardware configurations.”

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Check out the full patch notes on Steam for more information.