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    The Sims are banging their families once again | The Sims Banging

    The Sims Banging: At this point, The Sims 4 has been enhanced and expanded so much that even the smallest patch can result in pre-existing features being thrown into chaos. The game has so many issues at any given time that EA has a laundry list that it uses to inform players of which issues it is aware of, and Sims wanting to romance their family members is back on the list after previously being fixed.

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    Recently, players reported that family members were showing signs of romantic interest in one fixed a short while later, but now it’s back. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, the issue isn’t quite as serious as it was last time, but it shows that incestuous Sims are still present.

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    Currently, the only way to encounter the bug is to leave a note on your Sim sibling’s locker inviting them to prom. As soon as the sibling who is being invited to prom accepts the invitation, their friendship will be taken to a whole new, incredibly inappropriate level. If you accept the invitation as a “friend date”, their relationship status will be upgraded to romantic.

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    Whereas the previous Sims 4 incest issue seemed to be thrust upon virtual Sim families, players who have encountered this issue are solely responsible. The only way to discover this particular bug would be to leave a note on your brother or sister Sim’s locker inviting them to prom, so refrain from doing so in order not to encourage your family members to engage in romantic relationships. You may go about your business, unless you are overseeing Targaryen Sims.

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    Other issues included on EA’s laundry list include alpha werewolves complaining about being at the bottom of the pack even though they are not, and Sims greeting others by sniffing them, an animation that should only apply to the aforementioned werewolves. There are a few things that new Sims players can look forward to when The Sims 4 goes free-to-play on October 18.

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