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    The Owl House’s Collector is one of the best Villains till date

    Owl House’s Collector: It’s challenging to create a villain who defies all expectations and appears to be a force of nature that can’t be stopped, & to create a figure who feels truly terrifying. The Owl House’s Collector, a cosmic being that has existed on the periphery for centuries while he fights titans and gathers magic to become some type of higher, almost celestial being compared to those beneath him, has been used by The Owl House to attain just that.

    Don’t be fooled by his adorable appearance; this sly-looking iPad child is not to be meddled with.

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    The Owl House’s Collector’s Storyline

    He has been imprisoned for the majority of season two, partnering with Emperor Belos as they prepare to purge The Boiling Isles of all wild magic and piece together the Day of Unity. While The The Owl House’s Collector may have the mentality and size of a child, I believe he is considerably more intelligent than we realize and is planning his own enigmatic plan, which we won’t see unfold until the three next episodes.

     The Owl House's Collector

    The Collector first made an appearance in “Knock, Knock, Knocking On Hooty’s Door” with a character design that was incomplete, consisting mainly of a hooded figure covered in various stars and crescents. He looked to be hunting The Owl Beast while a corpse of an unidentified giant lingered in the backdrop in a dream sequence or flashback that Eda experienced. Not one we’ve seen before, suggesting that perhaps his own existence goes back before the continent was ever a continent.

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    What is The Owl House’s Collector’s Motive?

    Although his motive for being here is unclear, we do know that he intends to pursue the beast and possibly benefit from its curse. But because this is a dream sequence, most of the imagery may be abstract or recounting history in an unreliable, fragmented, and unknowable fashion.

    Given how powerful it appears to be on the surface, Eda may have had untold adventures with The Collector or he may have made games out of taking down titans or draining magic from anybody and everything for millennia.

    It wasn’t until “Elsewhere and Elsewhen” that The Collector made another appearance, this time alongside Philip Wittibane and several centuries earlier. This first appearance left fans with a lot of theories to piece together.

    The Owl House's Collector
    The Owl House’s Collector looks innocent but is deadly

    The enormous waster lures Luz Noceda and Lilith Clawthorne into a trap using their good intentions, enabling them to be ripped to shreds by a mythical beast while he retrieves a mirror that has been holding The Collector captive for a long time. In addition to conjuring a spell to leave this world behind without using any of the wild magic that was once used to abuse him, he wants to summon up this old figure and use him to build a doorway to the human realm.

    The period of time between this and the present is particularly fascinating because The Owl House’s Collector was probably present for the constant stream of unsuccessful Grimwalkers as well as the interaction between Belos and Caleb. He has probably been biding his time ever since he witnessed Philip Wittibane’s transformation into Emperor Belos. He is now free, and we are all in trouble.

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    In the closing moments of last week’s climax, he struck a bargain with King to rescue himself from captivity and stop the Day of Unity. The Collector first appeared to be tempted by the prospect of playing a game—specifically, “The Owl House”—but it’s possible that he has other goals besides amusement and mayhem. If not, given what he is capable of, that simply makes him more menacing.

    Once the day has been “saved,” Emperor Belos confronts him, capturing his strong claws in his fingers and giving him a light flick to the forehead. Belos is sent flying as a result, and the villain we’ve been fearing for years is reduced to the status of a rotting stain on the wall. Being powerless to defend himself against the captive person he has been taking advantage of for years, he is nothing in The The Owl House’s Collector’s eyes.

    The Owl House's Collector Is Already The Perfect Villain
    The Owl House’s Collector Is Already The Perfect Villain


    Belos isn’t dead, but he has been reduced to a slimy mess with only a small portion of his former strength. Then, a battered and shattered Luz and her companions are attacked by our newfound villain. He desires to play The Owl House, a game the King promised to provide him in return for his release. The Owl House’s Collector gives our heroes a head start as they run for the neighboring portal, perhaps out of sheer ignorance or to simply play with them.

    Though she would be abandoning her friends to fend for themselves in the real world, Luz decides to stay behind to safeguard her new family before we see them flee. It’s not self-centered; rather, she doesn’t understand her current situation or the value she should attach to herself. King shoves her through the portal while waiting behind to watch as The Owl House’s Collector transforms elements of this reality into his own version of The Owl House, which he may use to rule over and play games indefinitely.

    He might seize King and Eda and make them stay here, resentful that Luz and her friends are able to flee and stop him from putting this perfect little image together.

    It is impossible to determine what his primary goal is or how he plans to portray himself as a villain in the next specials, but the fact that he is so powerful and ruthless in his killing is terrible.

    It’s difficult to tell whether The Owl House’s Collector is conscious of his abilities or simply behaves like a child because that’s all he knows because he was never given the chance to mature before becoming who he is now. There were still a lot of unanswered questions, but seeing The Collector for real after all the speculation and teasing was a morbid joy. We now have some time to think about The Collector’s specific mission before the specials air in the future.


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