Friday, December 9, 2022

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    The Need For Speed Unbound, you are able to race against and bet against “full characters”

    Need For Speed Unbound: The first trailer for Need For Speed Unbound has been released, offering a refreshing take on street racing culture as well as an eye-catching visual style. The bold delivery is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are just as many intriguing details under its hood.
    IGN’s creative director Kieran Crimmins recently described Unbound’s new campaign structure as an “immersive narrative,” in which players will be surrounded by “full characters” that interact with one another throughout the story. As well as driving around casually, they will display their own style and customization of their vehicles.
    Every single one of those characters has a narrative arc and a personality, according to Crimmins. Apparently, the developers are trying to make Unbound a more personalized experience by populating the world of Lakeshore with unique drivers, similar to the Blacklist members of the 2005 film Most Wanted.
    As an alternative to simply winning the race, you can also make side bets on various events and rivals in order to feel “the highs and lows and thrills of kind of embodying that fantasy,” as if you were an illicit street racer. For example, you may pledge to defeat your opponent whose car you dislike the most, and if you succeed, you will receive an additional reward. A similar feature was also available in Street Racing Syndicate years ago, which allowed players to increase their bank account with every race they competed in.
    Unbound’s structure also includes an entrance fee for each race, which is similar to the way real street racing operates. Therefore, restarting over and over again until you win is no longer possible, as players will have to approach available markers on the map more strategically. “You have to decide what race you want to enter and what level of buy-in you are comfortable with,” the creative director stated.
    Also, every race gives the player a little bit of heat, making things even more risky if you are planning to run many races in one night. It appears that NFS Unbound will feature some sort of money multiplier, which will encourage players to play carefully and effectively, as there is always a price to pay.

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