Gotham Knights Leaked Trophy List

The leaked Gotham Knights trophy list contains many Batman puns, and fans are loving them | Gotham Knights Leaked Trophy List

Gotham Knights Leaked Trophy List:With Gotham Knights scheduled to launch later this month, we will finally get to see if Batman is indeed 100 percent dead at the end of the game. In addition, we will be able to see a much more evolved version of Harley Quinn, according to creative director Patrick Redding. The trophy list has also been leaked, revealing a great deal more about the game.

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In total, Gotham Knights has 49 trophies, including 39 bronze trophies, seven silver trophies, two gold trophies, and one platinum trophies. They were discovered by MistahJ17 on Reddit, and pulled by tracking website TrueTrophies. We can learn more about some of the other characters we can expect to see in Gotham Knights from the descriptions of each of these trophies, but that is not the only reason people are interested in them. Based on the comments on the original Reddit post, it appears that fans quite enjoy this naming convention, even if it is occasionally a stretch.

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In many of the trophy names, wordplay based on the Batman universe is used. Even though some of them are quite smooth, many of them are downright dumb – but in a humorous manner. There are titles such as ‘Seeking Asylum’ and ‘To the Victor Go the Spoils’, which refer to Arkham Asylum and Victor Fries, a.k.a. Mr. Freeze.

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At some point, things start getting a little more in your face, such as ‘Har, Har, Har, Very Funny’ and ‘Working Hard or Harley Working?’, referring to the developed version of Harley mentioned earlier. A nod is also made to Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and its theme by Nirvana, with ‘Something in the Clay’, surely a reference to Clayface. It is also in keeping with the villain’s origins as an actor that ‘The Show Mud Go On’ is titled as such.

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In addition, there is a trophy named ‘Bat Out of Hell’ which sounds eerily similar to Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell from 2015.

There have been other Gotham Knights spoilers recently in addition to this trophy list. Following the leak of a spoiler-filled artbook for the game, we now know who the final boss is. “I cannot begin to understand why anyone would spoil a story (whether it be a game, a movie, a book, whatever) for someone else,” said executive producer Fleur Marty on Twitter.

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