Friday, December 9, 2022

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    The FIFA 23 Hero Pack error has resulted in millions of coins being removed from the virtual transfer market by EA

    FIFA 23 Hero Pack error: Players have lost millions of in-game currency values overnight as a result of a pricing mistake by EA in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team transfer market.

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    Yesterday evening, EA mistakenly released a FIFA 23 Hero Pack containing a tradeable FUT Hero item. Despite being worth millions of coins, the pack was incorrectly priced at 25,000 coins. Although EA corrected the error after about 25 minutes, it was long enough to cause a significant change in the FIFA Ultimate Team market (thanks to VGC).

    Due to the influx of supply, players began selling off their FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Hero items, resulting in millions of coins worth of value being lost.

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    Generally, FUT Hero items are very rare, and players are rarely found in Ultimate Team packs. In general, Hero cards are associated with players who have made a significant contribution to their club or who are cult favorites, such as Dirk Kuyt, the former Liverpool striker.

    Due to their rarity, these cards have a very high value on FIFA 23’s virtual transfer market, with players such as Yaya Toure worth nearly two million coins. It has been estimated that these cards are worth hundreds of pounds/dollars in real-world currency.

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    Since EA released a pack that was significantly cheaper than the usual price, the market saw a sudden influx of lower-cost Heroes, which caused the market to lose overall value. In spite of the fact that EA corrected the mistake fairly quickly and the market has since recovered some of its former value, the damage has already been done. As a result of the ensuing frenzy, many Hero items lost hundreds of thousands of coins in value.

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    As of this writing, EA has not commented regarding the error, but now you know why the FIFA Ultimate Team Hero transfer market appears to be less expensive than usual.




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