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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide- A complete quest guide for The Black Star in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Quest Guide For The Black Star in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: You’ll need to go a little out of your way to locate the Shrine of Azura if you want to complete the Black Star quest in Skyrim. For players who desire to enchant their gear, the mission is a requirement. For this quest, there are two possible routes, and the one you select may result in a slightly different reward.

    You can also gain access to Aranea Ienith, an elemental mage, through one of the paths. The following guide will explain how to approach the task and provide you with directions for finding The Shrine of Azura.

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    This article has been updated to reflect the rest of our tour and now includes additional graphics and advice to keep you in Skyrim.

    Starting The Black Star – Quest Guide For The Black Star in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Visit the Azura Shrine to begin the quest. You can go there on your own initiative or obtain a random mission from an innkeeper by inquiring about rumours. By going to Winterhold and turning south, you can locate it. Most players can plainly see the Shrine of Azura, which is perched on a mountain, from the ground.

    Take the way and avoid any additional battles as there is a dragon site nearby. To speak with Aranea Ienith, who will give you a sketchy description of an elven mage, go to the shrine and climb the steps.

    Nelacar is right there when you reach the quest marker, but you can inquire about him with College employees or the innkeeper in the area. If you inquire, they will provide insights regarding his past.

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    Nelacar can be located at The Frozen Hearth by returning to Winterhold. Nelacar won’t want to tell you about the Azura’s Star, so you’ll have to convince him with words, money, or force. When he does speak to you, he will direct you to Ilinalta’s Deep, which is close to Riverwood.

    Finding Azura’s Star – Quest Guide For The Black Star in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Ilinalta’s Deep is partially underwater when you arrive there. Utilize the hatch to enter by following the marker arrow. Once inside, the route is rather straightforward, although there are several skeletons and necromancers waiting in the shadows.

    Because some adversaries will be revived from the dead by informed necromancers, proceed with extreme caution. To prevent this, concentrate on eliminating the necromancers as soon as you can.

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    You will ultimately arrive in a room with a raised bridge; dive in, then climb the steps to the opposite side. You will encounter a necromancer here; after eliminating him, pull the chain on the wall to release the bridge so that you can move on.

    Make sure to gather items as you advance because the dungeon is filled with potions and enchanted items. Behind a waterfall, there is also an Alteration Skill Book.

    Till you reach the room with Malyn Varen’s skeleton in a chair, keep going through the dungeon. The Azura’s Star will be directly beneath the skeleton; take it and return to Nelacar or Aranea Ienith.

    Bringing The Star To Aranea Or Nelacar – Quest Guide For The Black Star in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Guide- A complete quest guide for The Black Star in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim | nelacar, black and white 2 walkthrough, blackstar head, waterfall quest,

    Depending on who you give the Star to will determine how the mission turns out. They will approach the Star differently depending on their underlying goals, resulting to two results.

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    Aranea Ienith Gives you Aranea as a follower and Azura’s Star, an unbreakable soul gem that can trap white souls.
    Nelacar Gives you The Black Star, an unbreakable soul gem that can trap white and black souls.


    The Black Star will not solely hold Black Souls, as Nelacar will claim. It has the same ability as a Black Soul Gem to seize both white and black souls.

    Black souls, which are comparable to Grand Souls, are taken from sentient beings like the ten playable races. Black soul gem usage is frowned upon and possibly forbidden at the College of Winterhold. However, they provide easy access to strong enchanting souls.

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    You will be required to fight Malyn Varen and his three Dremora, regardless of who wins the Star. Simply killing Malyn will finish the mission and let you leave the Star if you just want to get it over with.

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