Saturday, December 10, 2022

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    The Duke Nukem, Play Meatgrinder and Clustertruck Inspired Boomer Shooter, Immediately

    This Duke Nukem and Clustertruck-inspired boomer shooter has just launched a free demo on Steam. It must be experienced to be believed. A frantic race to the front of the queue is underway, leaping over lorries, gas tankers, and murderous punks. In a sense, it is similar to the highway scene in Matrix Reloaded distilled into a video game. It is the Meatgrinder.

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    You must maintain a high BPM or you will lose health and eventually die. Therefore, you should keep moving quickly. To move quickly, you can wall jump and dash. The problem is that everything is moving at a very rapid pace. Punks jump out of trailers and shoot, kick, and swing crowbars at you as trucks race ahead.

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    As a console player, I do not have a fancy gaming PC or much experience using a mouse and keyboard, but I was still able to reach the first boss after a few tries with my cumbersome laptop and frail fingers. A hummer with spikes and a missile launcher served as the boss. I have never seen anything like it before.

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    Despite its retro appearance and inspirations, Meatgrinder is not dated. Even on my hunk of junk, it runs smoothly and all controls are responsive. It is extremely satisfying to send a punk reeling as they leap towards me with a crowbar in hand, and to blast an enemy’s head off as a stream of blood spurts out, making me feel like I am in a Tarantino film.

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    The meatgrinder demo was only created in one year by Vampire Squid, but it feels polished. The simple gameplay allows players to concentrate on killing and moving as quickly as possible. In light of the fact that you can only heal by hitting high BPMs. The good news is that spectacular kills such as blasting a tanker full of enemies or cutting them in half with a plane propeller – don’t ask me why a plane sits on a flatbed surrounded by explosive barrels, game design or something – provide a nice boost to the BPM, which can allow you to get your health bar back up quickly.

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    Along with the health bar and heart rate monitor, there is also an OP bar that filled as I chained kills together rapidly. After it was full, my character pulled an electric guitar from I know better than to ask and began smashing heads while playing a sick riff. It is similar to how the soundtrack for Doom gets more intense as you progress, but has been turned into a buff.

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    I am not sure what Meatgrinder’s plot is, or if it even has one, but it does not matter. In addition to being immensely enjoyable, the demo is free to download, so why not give it a try?

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    Meatgrinder is Mad Max with a rocking soundtrack. Doom is on the move. I think it is awesome. In an attempt to avoid falling onto the road below, I lost myself in the groove, kicking, shooting, and dashing between trucks. It is hard to believe that this was created within a year. It will be exciting to see what next year’s full release will bring.

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