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    The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – The Complete Secret Location Guide

    Complete Secret Location Guide: The Devil in Me is absolutely rife with secrets to uncover that enrich the world around you and the layers of mysteries taking place inside, just like the other games in the Dark Pictures Anthology. Pieces of information that slowly but surely fill in the story unfolding around your characters can be found scattered throughout the game.

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    We have a complete list of all 50 secrets in The Devil in Me, including their locations, finders, and the other secrets to which they are connected. You can finally discover The Devil in Me’s entire spooky tale by putting everything together.

    Every Secret In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

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    The Devil in Me includes a table with all the data you might need to finish your secret collection. We’ve listed who finds it, when they do, and what it is for your convenience.

    Secret Scene Obtained Found By Notes
    1: Wedding Ring Pool Mark beneath a window, next to a mannequin lying on the ground.
    2: FBI Badge Waste Disposal Charlie Charlie can now pass through by moving the cart of body parts. Underneath the hanging FBI jacket, the badge is located on the ground.
    3: FBI ID Card Workshop Mark After discovering the mannequin urging you to press the button, go to the desk in the adjacent office.
    4: FBI Training Photo Workshop Mark You retrieved Secret 3: FBI ID Card from the white cabinet’s table section, which is just past the desk.
    5: Body Snatching Article Morellos Kate Located in the room next to the one where Kate discovered Secret 23: J. Morello Sherman Book, hung on a vanity mirror.
    6: Psychological Report Workshop Mark Enter the next room after discovering Secret 4: FBI Training Photo to uncover this secret perched atop a desk.
    7: Chicago PD Badge Director’s Suite Kate Secret 47: Custom Mask Email is flipped over on the same desk.
    8: Disturbed Grave Letter Reunion Kate On the kitchen table.
    9: Childhood Medical Record Cliffside Charlie Climb the scaffolding and squirm into the open window along the plank there. Charlie can open the locked desk drawer containing the secret.
    10: Stiletto Shoe Island Kate The shoe will be on the right side of the walkway when you take back control of Kate.
    11: Clipboard Cliffside Charlie Charlie opens a privacy curtain and looks by the computer monitors.
    12: Hotel Guest Book Cigarettes Charlie in the lobby, at the check-in desk.
    13: Sherman Tape 1 Scouting Mark On the table by the door in the library’s side room, near the tape player.
    14: Front Page News Cigarettes Charlie The paper is on a table to the right of the door once you enter the locked bar.
    15: FBI Memo Blood Trail Charlie Charlie investigates and finds it on the floor next to a coat rack in a hallway.
    16: APB Broadcast Cliffside Charlie on a desk with a tape player near some damaged shelving.
    17: Funeral Invitation Party Jamie There is a medical report for Lucinda Munday in the safe in the room with Secret 28. A piece of paper hidden beneath a coffee mug on a desk in the same room contains the safe’s code: 1916.
    18: School Letter Silver Ash Erin on a small writing desk in the office, next to a window.
    19: Welcome Postcard Cigarettes Charlie Charlie needs to use his card to pick the lock on the locked drawer in the area behind the check-in desk.
    20: Stiletto Heel Island Jamie Go to the right by the broken-down iron gate to the right when you see the groundskeeper and get Jamie under control.
    21: Mrs. Morello Animatronic Morellos Kate After looking for the sobbing woman hiding behind a mattress in the adjacent room.
    22: J. Morello Holmes Book Scouting Mark The book can be found on the desk to your left after the clock jumpscare.
    23: J. Morello Sherman Book Morellos Kate After writing the room code on the pad of paper, go to the right, under the window.
    24: Natalie’s Remains Separated Charlie positioned behind the tarp-hanging hook in the freezer’s far back corner.
    25: Real Human Teeth Workshop Mark on the back shelf, inside a bloody animatronic head.
    26: Chicago Killer Newspaper Cutting Maze Erin Turn left when Erin is facing the ladder to find the paper on a table in the corner after opening the ladder into the hidden space beneath the gazebo.
    27: Sherman Tape 4 Interrogation Jamie Plays whenever Jamie sees Du’Met and the animatronic smoking body through a window.
    28: Lucinda Munday Medical Report Party Jamie In a room on the left, in the furthest back hallways, with a window straight ahead. It’s on the table next to the vintage TV.
    29: Newspaper Clipping Scouting Mark On a high shelf inside a book, the clipping is located. Mark can lower it using his tripod.
    30: Returned Letter Lighthouse Mark The lumpy mattress was on the floor, upstairs in a side room. To the right of the improvised bed, on a wooden table, is the letter.
    31: Vacation Photo Island Kate When Kate arrives, the door to the destroyed cabin is locked. To enter the cabin through the back, hop over the nearby collapsed wall.
    32: Construction Invoice Staff Only Jamie Near Secret 39: Auction Receipt, on the floor in the room’s corner behind a red utility cart.
    33: Morello Family Invitation Cigarettes Charlie The letter will be on a table if you turn right when you leave Erin and enter the hotel’s atrium.
    34: Man’s Body Homestead Jamie Jump down and turn right after finding Secrets 44 and 45 until you reach a tree you can climb under. Do this, then make your way toward the shed along the collapsed bridge. To enter, you need a key, which is out by the shed on the ground. In the corner is the body.
    35: Photos of Victims Incinerator Charlie After Charlie opens the gated door, on a table to the left.
    36: List of Aliases Lighthouse Mark The secret is on the table to your right when you enter the bedroom after climbing the stairs.
    37: Sherman Tape 3 Silver Ash Erin in the office, on the desk.
    38: Answerphone Tape Director’s Suite Kate On the table, directly below Secret 40: Costume Design, in the tape player.
    39: Auction Receipt Staff Only Jamie When you first enter the maintenance room, on a table to the right.
    40: Costume Design Director’s Suite Kate The artwork is hung on the wall above one of the tables after ascending the stairs to the suite’s upper level and turning left down the hallway.
    41: Resignation Letter Spa Jamie On the ground in a space located to the left of the main hallway.
    42: Foreman’s Log Incinerator Charlie After discovering Secret 35: Victim Photos, turn around to find this secret on a different table.
    43: Grand Opening Invitation Cigarettes Charlie by the left windows, on a china cabinet.
    44: Driver’s License Homestead Jamie The key is hidden in a mound of fallen leaves to the right of the high log, which must be balanced along in order to reach a second, higher platform.
    45: Theme Park Photo Homestead Jamie Directly beside Secret 44: Driver’s License.
    46: Will Amendment Staff Only Jamie Jamie needs the code to access the fuse box chamber, so open the door adjacent to it. The desk in front of you has the document in the top drawer.
    47: Custom Mask Email Director’s Suite Kate On a computer desk to the right as Kate looks around. Instead of being on a computer, it comes in the form of printed email correspondence.
    48: Children’s Book Reunion Kate sitting on the animatronic corpse’s lap.
    49: Sherman Tape 2 Staff Only Jamie Jamie has the choice to press a red button on the wall in the theatre room after turning the power back on. When it drops from the one all the way to Jamie’s right, hit it, watch the performance, and then gather the tape.
    50: Degree Certificate Lighthouse Mark Double back out of the bedroom and turn right when you’ve located Du’Met’s last business card. On a nearby table, in a box, is the degree.


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