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    The Bayonetta 3 trailer confirms multiple Bayonetta variations | Bayonetta 3 Trailer Analysis

    Bayonetta 3 Trailer Analysis : The newest Bayonetta 3 trailer features a pink-haired Bayonetta who transforms into a playable demon spider woman capable of scaling walls and swinging through the city. Not only is this a cool little bit of gameplay that we can look forward to, but it also confirms the theory that there will be Bayonetta variants in the third game.

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    While the first two games featured time travel, fans speculated that the third would incorporate a more current pop culture phenomenon – multiverses. From Warner Bros.’ IP mishmash MultiVersus to Marvel’s Secret Wars saga to Everything Everywhere All at Once, we have it all. The Multiverse is in, the Multiverse is hot, and the Multiverse is here to stay.

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    According to some theories, the main Bayonetta is actually a grown-up Cereza, or that there are two timelines converging with variants popping in, such as the recently revealed pink-haired Bayonetta who is capable of transforming into a nightmarish spider monster. In any case, it appears that a previously-seen Bayonetta is a variant and not her future self.

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    The release date trailer showed Bayonetta wearing a red outfit with an eyepatch. Many speculated that this was another variant as seen in the newest trailer, but the closer similarities to the main Bayonetta left the possibility of time travel open, so this was not an outright confirmation of multiple Bayonettas. However, it appears that she is one of the group.

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    There are only a few days left before Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28, so it won’t be long before we learn more about all these variants. Until then, we’ve got plenty of footage and reveals to keep us occupied, including a trailer from August showing off rideable demons. There is even a giant demonic spider among them. It is hoped that this is not Bayonetta riding Bayonetta.

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    Another trailer showed Bayonetta ripping out her own heart, which could be related to one of these variations. We will have to wait and see.

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