10 Actionable Tactics to Boost E-commerce Sales 2022

10 Actionable Tactics to Boost E-commerce Sales : E-commerce marketing is the utilization of publicity practices to gain traffic, customers, and sales to your online store. A complete and effective marketing strategy is not only focused on executions in your store, but also outside your store such as social media sites, and search engines. It also has the power to make your brand known among your target audience and increase the trust of your customers to your brand.


You can also target a specific product or service from your store to market, instead of marketing all of your products. You can feature a particular product to generate more sales for a product.


Here are ten different techniques you can apply to your current marketing strategy to Boost E-commerce Sales.

1. Upselling your products and services

Upselling is the tactic where you show your customers a better offer from the current offer they are willing to buy from your store. Most of the time, upselling can bring you, new customers, because you are offering them a premium or upgraded deals that are more applicable to their needs.


Make sure that you explain concisely how your new, upgraded deal would benefit them. Also, you can clarify the difference of it from the average offer.

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Remember that your upsells should be based on the original offer. Along with that, you should also consider the expected price of your customers. Knowing this can help in promoting your new offer, and you can explain better how the new offer can generously improve their experience at an additional price. In that way, your upsells will potentially grow and get more buyers.

2. Incorporating Instagram

Instagram is one of the perfect social media applications for online businesses. More and more online stores are utilizing Instagram for their business because it helps them to connect and engage with their customers on a regular basis.


Instagram is heavily reliant on visual content. You need to ensure that all photos, GIFs, videos, and other visual material are of high quality to not compromise the value of your business. Same with hashtags, you should know what hashtags you will use to draw attention to your target audiences. Lastly, you need to build a vast network of users who follow you. In simpler words, using organic Instagram techniques to create your presence online will significantly help you.

3. Trimming down abandoned shopping carts

According to a recent study about shopping carts, abandoned ones are influencing negatively to your store’s sale. Most of the visitors are discontinuing their carts when checkout comes. Some of them may have hesitations or problem with their billing information.


Users that have this kind of experience should be reminded of their cart to finish their purchase. You may send an email to them to point out their shopping cart still has products, and they can go back to your site and complete their transaction. You can also give special offers like sending a free shipping voucher or a special discount for their cart.

4. Opening a Facebook store

Facebook has established as a practical platform for your online business in social media. Being the social media platform that has the most significant number of users, it is no wonder why Facebook can be the best place to make your business visible and reach your target audience.


Facebook has an uncomplicated design and user experience, so it will be easy for you to craft a strategy here. You can take advantage of its full potential by knowing the right and the best time to post on Facebook.

5. Garnering more email subscribers

According to research by Forrester, about 17% of marketing budget by companies go to email, marketing, and it brings back 24% of the revenue to your company’s sales. This strengthens the claim that email marketing is still alive and an effective medium in generating sales and connect to regular customers.


Unlike many social media interactions, email offers a more personal conversation and interaction since most users are still valuing their inboxes than direct messages in their social media accounts. It can also provide your audiences to talk to you that most social media platforms cannot allow.

6. Boosting your email campaigns

Timing is essential when sending emails to your customers, but regular sending of email is necessary to be effective in your email campaigns.


A welcome email is appreciated by audiences when they are sent after they bought their first product in your store. You can offer them exclusive codes or discounts. You can also share your press releases about new products or services, improvements in services, and even tips. Never forget to thank your regular customers always, a simple thank you email can lead you to many paths. Lastly, feedback is essential, so you can ask for feedback from them about your service, and product.

7. Notifying wishlist reminders

A wishlist reminder email must be incorporated into your email marketing strategy. It is almost the same as an abandoned cart.  You may notify your users about the current updates on their wish list products. It may be on sale, sold out, or stocks are going to be shipped next week.

8. Designing a user-friendly store

If your store does not have an excellent design, you will quickly lose many potential customers in the process. Besides the fact that your store is poorly designed, you may also have an image of being untrustworthy and not credible.


Make sure to improve your design by using deliberate colors, explicit messages, easy-to-read fonts, and simple navigation. Also take into consideration your segmentation of products in a page, use of visual materials, and other design principles. You can consult a user experience expert with this.

9. Assisting your customers using live chat

You may engage with your customers in your online store by using live chat. You can assist them right away when they need answers to some questions or clarifications on the product. A direct conversation will help them feel that they are valued by the store and boosts your trust-worthy image as a company.

10. Utilizing User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a fresh way to build awareness and trust among your audience. Showing contents that feature your customers regularly using your products can increase the likeability that more and more of your customers will do the same.


Social reviews and online product reviews are the best kinds of UGC. Around 54% of customers are basing the quality of the product through reading online reviews and even on the endorsement of friends and colleagues.

BONUS TIP: Adding trust indicators

Some customers are still hesitating to buy online because of the risk of their personal information getting stolen or hacked. Personal information includes their billing details, phone number, and home address. You can avoid these kinds of data theft by securing your site. Hiring the right web hosting provider can help you secure your site. You can start by signing up for various accreditation programs for showing security badges on your site. Also, SSL certificates can ultimately boost the credibility of your site.


These ideas are useful when you need to generate more sales and convert more visitors to become your customers. You may choose to implement just one, two, or even all of these strategies to help your brand. Thoroughly evaluate which tactics work best for you to bring your brand to its fullest potential.

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