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    Super Mario Movie Poster Explained: The Mario Movie Poster contains a Yoshi Egg

    Super Mario Movie Poster Explained: It is almost time for Nintendo to reveal the look of its upcoming Mario movie. The first poster for the project was released in preparation for the Direct, during which the trailer will be unveiled. The image shows Mario standing in the middle of what appears to be a sprawling Mushroom Kingdom, and there are plenty of Easter eggs to be found.

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    One of those Easter eggs is quite literally an egg. A Yoshi egg. The green and white spotted shell was spotted by VG247 in an article highlighting a number of things Mario fans might not have noticed. The Yoshi egg can be found at the back of the antique shop, just to the left of Blue Toad’s head.

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    Nintendo confirmed Princess Peach, Bowser, and even Donkey Kong would be featured in the Mario movie more than a year ago. However, Yoshi was not mentioned, perhaps due to the fact that the plumber’s steed does not speak. While there has not been any official confirmation that Yoshi will appear in the movie, the egg from which he hatches is certainly an indication that he will.

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    It is unclear when and where Yoshi will appear. He may appear during the credits as a tease for a possible sequel, similar to Tails’ appearance at the end of the first Sonic film. We apologize for the spoilers if you have not yet seen the film, but come on, it has been well over two years since it was released. When the first trailer for the film debuts tomorrow, it is equally possible, if not even more likely, that Yoshi will appear in it.

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    Yoshi will be cool, but what the world is really waiting for is Mario’s face and, perhaps even more importantly, his voice. Apparently, a McDonald’s employee shared an image from what appears to be promotional material for the restaurant chain on Discord a little early.

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