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    Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald’s toys leaked online, hinting for a Mario Kart scene

    Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald’s toy:Apparently some McDonald’s employees do not care much about Super Mario Bros. movie spoilers. Several promotional toys that will be released alongside the film have now also leaked online, giving a hint as to what might happen in the film.

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    According to Twitter user AidenRS139, eight promotional Super Mario Bros. movie McDonald’s toys have been leaked online, along with some more detailed action figures. The McDonald’s toys feature Mario jumping down a pipe, Mario in a kart, Luigi with a torch, Toad in a kart, Peach t-posing, Bowser breathing fire, Donkey Kong throwing a barrel, and a strange-looking Luma.

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    While McDonald’s toys may not be the best way to make assumptions or guesses about the Super Mario Bros. movie, there are a few interesting points to note. Starting with Toad and Mario riding karts, this suggests a Mario Kart-themed sequence will appear in the film, while Luigi holding a lantern evokes memories of Luigi’s Mansion.

    The design of Donkey Kong for the movie is also the first time we have seen it, and, yes, he looks exactly as he does in the games. It is more interesting to note that the toy lineup includes an out-of-place Luma. There has been no mention of Rosalina or anything from Super Mario Galaxy being in the movie, so it seems a bit strange to include them alongside the main cast. It has been suggested that this is Charles Martinet’s character, but we will have to wait and see.

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    The McDonald’s toys were not the only action figures that leaked alongside the McDonald’s toys, providing a little bit more detail on the movie and supporting some of the ideas that the McDonald’s toys suggest. Mario’s figure is shown with a plunger, which confirms without a doubt that he will be a plumber in the movie, while Luigi’s figure is displayed with a big torch, similar to the one on his McDonald’s toy. Peach carries a stick with a heart on top, while Toad carries a frying pan similar to the one we saw him carrying in the reveal trailer.

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