Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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    Stripe(Gremlins) Is Coming To MultiVersus Next Week | Stripe In MultiVersus

    Stripe In MultiVersus: A new ’80s-themed teaser for Stripe, MultiVersus’ upcoming Gremlins character, has been released.

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    The teaser was even released after midnight, and if you know anything about Gremlins, then you know that feeding them after midnight is against their number one rule. I wonder if the same is true for MultiVersus fans. Whatever the case may be, they are eating well.

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    It is unclear whether Stripe is Gremlins’ first or second villain, depending on Harley Quinn’s allegiance. In addition, he is the second Gremlins character to appear, following Gizmo’s debut. In case you are unfamiliar with Stripe – or have not seen Gremlins – he is the antagonist in the first film, leading the other Mogwai. The reincarnated Mohawk uses everything from a circular saw to a handgun, so there is plenty of scope for movesets and skins.

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    Initially, Stripe was revealed alongside Black Adam in the startup screen for season one, and since then, Gizmo and Rick Sanchez have been added. Black Adam has yet to make his debut, but if we were to hazard a guess, that would likely coincide with the release of his film on October 21.

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    Stripe sparked some debate when Gizmo was announced as dataminers and leakers claimed that the two would fight side-by-side and be part of one character, much like Tom & Jerry, however director Tony Huynh quickly dismissed these concerns, confirming that the two Gremlins are, in fact, separate characters. Thus, we can re-enact the famous Gremlins fistfight in the Batcave.

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    In addition to Stripe, MultiVersus also appears to be teasing a Halloween event for Reindog. However, it is unclear what this event will entail – perhaps we will receive spooky skins for Reindog, or maybe it will be a completely separate event.

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