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    Street Fighter 6 Juri Han: The Street Fighter 6 community is already sick of Juri’s feet

    Street Fighter 6 Juri Han: As of now, Street Fighter 6 is in the middle of its first Closed Beta test, and its players have been absolutely raving about it. The pretty blatant focus on Juri’s feet seems to be rubbing some the wrong way.

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    As soon as Juri was announced as one of the fighters on the starting roster, it was evident that her feet played a critical role in her characterization. Her gameplay trailer demonstrated that many of her specials and intros focus on her feet, and they are presented in much greater detail than ever before. It already feels strange to write this.

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    However, it is even more blatant and upfront in the actual game. Her character select pose shows one of her dogs hanging right in front of the camera for everyone to see, and playing against her demonstrates her foot-focus. The majority of posts about Juri on social media are complaining about her feet, which appears to be a complaint among a fair number of Street Fighter players.

    Just searching for Juri’s name on Twitter will reveal the general reaction to how she is being portrayed. The Twitter user Krembeni posted a picture of Juri’s select screen and commented, “It’s hard being a Juri fan without feet”, while GreshGang concurred, saying, “When I buy SF6 I’m modding it to make Juri wear shoes.”. The Street Fighter subreddit is also starting to see posts asking questions such as “Why did Capcom turn Juri into foot fetish bait?”.

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    By searching for Juri’s name on Twitter, you will discover the general reaction to how she is being portrayed. A depiction of the character in Street Fighter 6. Since they are not exactly PG-13, we will not be showcasing any of them here. However, if you are shocked that anyone could be opposed to Juri’s grippers, there is probably a community for you on the internet.

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