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    Stardew Valley: What should you pick between Mushroom and Bats?

    You can select the kind of item your farm cave will produce soon after settling into your Stardew Valley farm. This is a tiny cave at the top of your farm. You can select how to fill the space at this point.

    Either you can cultivate mushrooms or you can fill the cave with fruit-dropping bats. We are available to assist since we understand how difficult the decision may be. We’ll examine each cave type in depth in this guide, along with why one is more advantageous. Let’s start by looking at how to access the farm cave.

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    Unlocking The Farm Cave

    You must have at least 25,000g in your account to activate the farm cave. The cave will not contain anything until you have earned this money.

    Mushroom or bats choice in Stardew Valley

    Note: Although you can still enter, nothing will grow inside the cave.

    Demetrius will come to your farm the morning following the time you acquire 25,000g. He will speak about using the cave for his research and give you the option of either mushrooms or bats.

    You won’t be able to change your mind once you’ve made your choice. You will therefore be limited to the cave type.

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    Choice 1 – Fruit Bats

    Stardew Valley Fruit Bats

    The cave floor will likely be covered in a variety of fruits if you choose to put fruit bats inside it.

    The rate at which fruits spawn is determined by the number of fruit that is currently inside. For instance, there will be a 48% chance of new fruit spawning if the cave is empty. If there is just one fruit within the cave, the probability drops to 25%, 13% with two fruits, and 7% with three or more fruits.

    Tip – Pick up fruit daily to increase your chances of finding more fruit.

    Following is a detailed list of all the fruits, as well as their drop chances and sell prices.

    Fruit Chance to Spawn Sell Price (Normal Quality)
    Cherry 3.6% 80g
    Pomegranate 3.6% 140g
    Peach 3.6% 140g
    Apple 2% 100g
    Orange 3.6% 100g
    Spice Berry 20% 80g
    Apricot 3.6% 50g
    Wild Plum 20% 80g
    Blackberry 20% 20g
    Salmonberry 20% 5g


    All the fruits in the list mentioned above are available throughout the year. The fruit will not often appear during certain seasons, although this is not the case for the farm cave.

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    The fruit’s quality can also range from average to gold. Each and every fruit will be of iridium quality if you are a botanist. The fruit’s selling price will increase as a result.

    Choice 2 – Growing Mushrooms

    Stardew Valley Mushrooms in the Cave

    The cave becomes a place to cultivate mushrooms if you select mushrooms. Six different bins, each of which requires one to two days to cultivate mushrooms, will be available.

    The time you go to bed affects the growth of mushrooms. It will take the mushrooms less time to grow if you stay up later. For instance, the mushrooms will grow by 12:40 pm the next day if you go to bed at 2 am.

    Tip: The mushrooms will grow over two days if you go to bed before 6 o’clock. Consider staying up later to enhance productivity. More mushrooms will grow on your farm, and you’ll have more time each day to explore and take care of them.

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    The five various varieties of mushrooms, together with their spawn frequency and cost, are listed below.

    Mushroom Chance to Spawn Sell Price (Normal Quality)
    Common Mushroom 69.8% 40g
    Red Mushroom 12.3% 75g
    Purple Mushroom 2.5% 250g
    Chanterelle 7.3% 160g
    Morel 8.1% 150g


    All the mushrooms you find in the cave will be of normal quality, unlike the fruit you find in the farm cave.

    Advantages of Each Cave

    Stardew Valley Mushroom Sell Prices

    Which one do you decide on then? Let’s start by examining the advantages of obtaining the mushroom cave.

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    Benefits of a Mushroom Cave

    For the Community Center, a bundle of each mushroom is used (apart from the chanterelle). Most of these mushrooms are also scarce. Without having to wait for the right time of year, you can get rare mushrooms for bundles if you have a mushroom cave.

    Moreover, the mushroom cave has the ability to grow all of the ingredients required for the Life Elixir. A handcrafted item called the Life Elixir will give you 200 energy and completely restore your health. This item costs 500g and is quite helpful while exploring caves. The elixir offers a lot of health and energy, but it is not as effective as some produce with high iridium content.

    Advice: The mushroom cave is a fantastic place to get bundle-related stuff. The mushroom cave is a good place to find ingredients for the Life Elixir if you want to conduct a lot of mining and cavern exploring.

    Benefits of Fruit Bat Caves

    The fruit bat cave also offers advantages of its own. Similar to mushrooms, the Community Center requires bundles of all the fruit you can discover in the cave (salmonberries are an exception).

    Fruits make wonderful gifts for villagers as well. Fruit is a generally well-received present. You can strengthen your relationships with the villagers if you provide them with fruit on a regular basis.

    Tip – Selling fruit might be a respectable source of income, but once you have multiple fruit trees on your farm, the cave could become obsolete. You can simply plant a few orange trees rather than waiting for an opportunity for an orange to appear.

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    What Type of Cave Is Better?

    Stardew Valley riverland farm

    Which is the better choice? This will depend on your desired level of agricultural maintenance. A list of advantages for each type of cave is provided below. Depending on your preferred playing style, you can use this to determine which cave is the best.

    Mushroom Cave Fruit Bat Cave
    • Completing The Following Bundles:
      • Fall Foraging
      • Exotic
      • Dye
      • Field Research
    • Crafting Life Elixirs
    • Selling Rare and High-Priced Mushrooms (great money-maker)
    • Gifting Villagers Fruit
    • Completing The Following Bundles:
      • Artisan
      • Summer Foraging
      • Enchanter’s
      • Fall Foraging

    Note: In general, a mushroom cave will be more practical for you. If you retire to bed after 6 o’clock, the mushrooms will develop steadily and sell for more money. You can make up for not selecting the fruit bat cave by planting enough fruit plants.

    In the end, you will have to make a choice. Pick the option that feels best to you! There is no “correct” decision because both cave possibilities have advantages for you.

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