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    Spider-Man: Miles Morales For PC is coming to Steam on November 18

    spider-man miles morales for pc release date on steam: Miles Morales, the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, has been given a release date. The Spider-Man sequel will be available on Steam on November 18, with new features and enhancements designed specifically for PC gamers.

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    If you have not seen Into the Spiderverse (which you should, by the way), Miles Morales is an alternate-universe Spider-Man. As with Peter Parker, Morales can shoot webs, climb walls, and get tingly sensations when he is about to be crushed by a falling building, but unlike Parker, he can also go invisible and shoot light. That is because spiders are capable of doing those things.

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    As with Spider-Man Remastered, Insomniac has ensured that Miles Morales will deliver the kind of experience PC gamers have come to expect. This means that ultra-wide aspect ratios are supported up to 48:9 for those of you who have three monitors (although cinematics are only supported up to 32:9). It includes ray-traced reflections and shadows from outdoor lighting as well as DLSS support, including DLSS 3 for Nvidia’s new RTX 40-series cards. The program also offers settings for “texture quality and filtering, level of detail, crowd and traffic density, field of view, windowed, full screen, and exclusive full-screen rendering modes.”

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    Minimum PC requirements call for 8 GB of RAM, a GeForce GTX 950, and an old phone processor. Ray-tracing at 1440p requires an RTX 3070, an Intel Core i5-11600K or Ryzen 7 3700X and 16 GB of RAM. Maintain a free space of 75 GB. DualSense controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will be supported, and all controllers can be remapped to suit the player’s preferences.

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    In addition, pre-order now for some in-game goodies, including the TRACK suit and the Into the Spider-Verse suit, early access to the Gravity Well gadget, and three skill points.

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