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    Sonic Frontiers finished development, official launch November 9

    Sonic Frontiers official launch November 9: Just weeks before Sonic Frontiers’ official launch on November 9, the game’s director, Morio Kishimoto, has confirmed the game has finally gone gold and finished development.

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    The wait for Sonic Frontiers has felt like an eternity for fans of the series, but it looks like it’s going to be coming to an end shortly, as Sonic Frontiers has officially finished development, which means there are almost no chances of it being delayed past its release date. Cyberpunk 2077 was an example of this, but it was a very special case.

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    Morio Kishimoto, director of Sonic Frontiers, announced on Twitter that the game has gone gold (or “mastered up,” as he put it). According to Noisy Pixel, Kishimoto’s message reads, “We have officially completed the master up for all hardware!”. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, we have made it barely before the release date, and this would not have been possible without your support. It seems a bit sad now that I think about it. It has been five long years since we worked together on this project, so it is finally over… now! Onto the next assignment!”.

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    Sonic Frontiers official launch November 9: Though Sega has not officially announced that Frontiers has gone gold, the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account shared concept art of Super Sonic fighting a Titan, which some took as a sign of the game’s completion. Yes, simply because Super Sonic is a gold standard.

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    It was not just Kishimoto who commented on the fact that Sonic Frontiers has just finished development. Composer Tomoya Ohtani stated, “Yes, the whole 150 tracks last 6 hours 37 minutes, making this the largest SONIC soundtrack I have ever been responsible for.”.

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    Sonic Frontiers official launch November 9: This should not come as a surprise that Sonic’s next adventure will be released on time. Following the initial gameplay reveal, Sega was very upfront and steadfast in its commitment that the game would not be delayed.

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