Saturday, December 10, 2022

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    Sonic Age In Game : As Sega removes references to Sonic’s age from Frontiers, he might be older

    Sega has removed references to Sonic’s age from the official website, which suggests he will be older in Frontiers. The blue blur has been 15 years old for thirty years, but it appears Frontiers will have a bit of a time jump, allowing him to celebrate his birthday now.

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    Sega has removed the section of Sonic’s profile that indicates he is 15 years old, as noticed by an eagle-eyed fan. Apart from this, everything else remains the same, suggesting that this was a deliberate move ahead of Frontiers’ launch.

    The discovery was made by Twitter user @Visleaf, who compared the current Sonic Channel page with a copy stored on the Wayback Machine. Based on this web archive, we can see that the ages were removed sometime between May and September of this year, suggesting that the decision was influenced by Sonic Frontiers’ upcoming release.

    Based on my review of the website, it appears that Sonic is not the only character who is celebrating a birthday this year. The ages of all of his friends have been removed from the site as well, including Tails and Amy, who have always been eight and twelve, respectively. Given that they will also appear in Frontiers, it is likely that we will see older versions of the entire crew.

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    In order to maintain the mystery surrounding Sonic Frontiers, Sega has kept much of its content under wraps. Nevertheless, based on what we have seen thus far, it is not surprising that there would be a time-skip. Demos made available to the public quickly revealed that Sonic’s voice had become much deeper. According to Sonic Team, this may have been the result of its desire to represent a more mature version of the character.

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