Skyrim Wiki Guide Paarthurnax Main Quest Walkthrough

Skyrim Wiki Guide: Paarthurnax Main Quest Walkthrough

Paarthurnax Main Quest: In the final stages of the game, the Blades are shocked to learn that the Greybeards are led by the dragon Paarthurnax. In light of the fact that you have already met the old sage, this is hardly news to you. In spite of this, they insist that you kill the old dragon anyway in order to make amends for the crimes he committed centuries ago.

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You are forced to choose between the two groups, putting you at a crossroads. In your quest to become the Dragonborn, both of them have supported you. As a result of the choice you make over this quest, you will remain on speaking terms with certain individuals.

Starting Paarthurnax Main Quest

Upon speaking with either Esbern or Delphine after Alduin’s Bane, the quest will begin. After discovering Paarthurnax was responsible for atrocities committed in a previous conflict, the two Blades demand that he be killed.

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It may seem distasteful to kill the dragon, given how he has treated you. If you are having difficulty making a decision, you may wish to speak to Paarthurnax about the Blades’ demands.

Warning: If you complete Dragonslayer without killing Paarthurnax, this quest will be removed from your quest log.

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You will still be able to kill him despite this. By doing so, you will be able to speak with Delphine and reestablish friendly relations with the Blades.

Choosing Between The Greybeards And The Blades

Choosing which side to support is the most challenging aspect of this quest. Even though there are plenty of narrative reasons to choose a side, there are also plenty of gameplay reasons to do so.

By killing Paarthurnax, you will align yourself with the Blades, while refusing to do so will align you with the Greybeards.

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If you do not support the side that you do not support, then they will refuse to assist you further, locking you out of their questline and all of their benefits.


Greybeards provide a repeatable quest that leads you to word walls throughout Skyrim, allowing you to expand your arsenal of shouts much more quickly.

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By aligning with the Greybeards, Paarthurnax will remain alive, allowing you to choose between the following buffs.


You have the opportunity to continue down the path of becoming the greatest dragon killer in history by siding with the Blades. Followers can be sent to serve as recruits with the Blades.

You will be able to hunt dragons with the assistance of three Blades once you have recruited them.

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It is Esbern who will assist you in finding dragons to kill, allowing you to gain more souls and dragon parts. Aside from reducing damage taken and increasing your critical chance against dragons, he will also provide you with additional bonuses when fighting dragons.

Killing Paarthurnax

The process of doing so is relatively straightforward. You should proceed to the Throat of the World and attack Paarthurnax there. After a few hits, he will eventually turn hostile.

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As with most dragons, Paarthurnax will take to the skies and begin to fight you. As a dragon, he is no different from any other and will be easily defeated using the same methods.