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    Skyrim mod adds more than 100 NPC mages to the entire city

    Skyrim mod : The popular content creation platform Nexus Mods just received another massive addition to its game world thanks to an individual going by the name of Sdougiss. It is now possible for players to explore a bustling mage city with over 100 non-player characters, each of whom features a few lines of new dialogue.

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    With The City of Bromjunaar, a mod by Sdougiss, the location Labyrinthian is transformed from an empty set of ruins to what is for all intents and purposes a fully functional city. It consists of a cluster of houses, a market full of merchants, a blacksmith, a fairly substantial dungeon, a castle that players may purchase, and of course a mage academy. A reward for completing the College of Winterhold questline is Bromjunaar.

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    In terms of lore, Bromjunaar appears neutral in the conflict between Stormcloaks and Imperials. The city is intended for magic users, but Khajiit merchants are welcome to stay for as long as they wish. What is the purpose of a city for mages? Since this is an essential location for the College of Winterhold and the reward for completing the College’s quest is so meager and underwhelming, I have decided to make the completion of the College’s quest much more rewarding,” he adds. Hence, I have created a second College within Labyrinthian and added a whole city outside of it under your control in order to make it appear as though you have progressed as a mage.

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    It appears that Sdougiss has big plans for The City of Bromjunaar. As the modder notes in reference to the Archmage Shalidor who created Winterhold from a “whispered spell,” the modder notes in reference to the future quest to find the so-called “whispered spell” so that upon completion of the College of Winterhold storyline, you will be able to complete a final quest to make you an archmage. As a result of the lengthy and arduous ritual required to complete the quest, Sdougiss further states that the city will appear once completed and will be yours.

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    Even though the mod is still a work in progress, The City of Bromjunaar is “playable and can be enjoyed without all the bells and whistles.” Players have already reported encountering a few bugs, but Sdougiss has been working diligently to resolve them. In terms of compatibility, the mod should be able to work with most setups. “If you encounter any bugs that cause a crash to the desktop, please post a message in the mod’s forum to see if my mod has some compatibility issues that were not anticipated,” Sdougiss suggests. I will be able to correct the problem more effectively if you provide me with more information.

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