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    Skyrim Guide: The Temple Of Miraak Dragonborn Quest Walkthrough

    Temple Of Miraak Dragonborn: Solstheim, located far from Skyrim, has proven to be a confusing place when you discover most of the locals have been subjected to mind control. You discover Frea, a woman who appears to be in control of herself after a quick investigation and journey to the Temple of Miraak.

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    The two of you make hasty alliances and enter the Temple, fighting Cultists and the original undead residents while attempting to determine who is responsible. You may be surprised by the difficulty of this first major combat encounter in Dragonborn.

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    Starting The Temple Of Miraak – Skyrim Guide

    As soon as you speak with Frea at the end of Dragonborn, you will begin this quest. Unlike most of the people you have met so far, she is a member of the Skaal tribe, an indigenous tribe indigenous to Solstheim. By wearing a necklace designed to protect her from mind-controlling magic, her mind had been preserved.

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    Cultists will emerge from the area underneath the Temple and attack the two of you. Despite the fact that they pose a challenge to enemies, they are easily defeated. The entrance to the Temple of Miraak can be found by following the path they came from.

    The Temple Of Miraak – Skyrim Guide

    As soon as Frea enters the Temple, she will stop to investigate it. She has plenty to discuss between the corpses laying about and those hanging in gibbets. It is possible to take advantage of this opportunity to loot the area, or you may continue forward. In either case, she will accompany you.

    The two of you reach a room with a large pit in the center after entering the Temple. Taking the stairs down will lead you to more enemies in the form of cultists and Draugr.

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    The next step will be to walk through a hallway lined with swinging axes. Although Whirlwind Sprint still works, the hallway is considerably longer than the ones you have encountered previously. You will need to pace yourself and seek shelter at the gaps between axe blades. Whirlwind Sprint may need to be used several times in order to reach the end.

    Both Shout Become Ethereal and evading the axes with skill are effective.

    A raised drawbridge will block your path in the next room. To lower it, proceed to the doorway opposite the entrance and enter an alcove facing the bridge. There is a handle that can be used to lower the bridge.

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    As you enter the next and final room in this area, three drawbridges will fall in dramatic fashion. There will be a powerful Cultist and two Draugr who will descend to search for you. To reach Temple Sanctum, defeat all of them and proceed to the door at the back of the temple.

    The Temple Of Miraak Sanctum – Skyrim Guide

    Further into the Sanctum, you will encounter more draugr and cultists. It is important to be aware of traps that are waiting to be triggered close to enemies. If you move cleverly, you will be able to turn the traps against your opponents.

    Keep a close eye on Frea. Often, she will comment on the surroundings, offering hints about nearby treasures and dropping interesting details about Solstheim’s past.

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    There will be a Word Wall for Dragon Aspect. As soon as you claim it, the coffins lining the room will open and a mixture of normal and challenging draugr will attack together. The Gatekeeper is one of them. In this dungeon, it contains the Temple of Miraak Key that will open the remaining doors.

    The Dragon Aspect can only be used once per day. Despite the temptation to use it immediately, its benefits may be more useful in other areas.

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    The next area consists of a dining room and an adjacent kitchen. Frea comments on the two rooms and remarks that it is a dead end. To proceed, walk through the kitchen, take the first right turn when you reach the northwest passageway across from the entrance. The handle for revealing a hidden passage can be found in the alcove at the far end of the room.

    You are faced with another blocked path. To access the next room, pull the handle on the right. By doing so, a passageway is opened. The secret doorway can be revealed by following the path to the dead end and pulling a second handle. The door leads to a large room dominated by a pair of stairs with many dragons.

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    Keep an eye out for traps set up along the stairs and rocks that are rolling down. Despite their apparent harmlessness, rocks can cause serious injury if you are unlucky.

    It is fortunate that they only roll down one side at a time. Avoid them by going to the other side.

    The final enemy is a powerful draugr. It should be killed and the chest by its throne should be looted. A final passageway can be accessed by pulling the chain hidden behind the throne.

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    Finishing The Temple Of Miraak

    Skyrim Guide The Temple Of Miraak Dragonborn Quest Walkthrough
    Skyrim Guide The Temple Of Miraak Dragonborn Quest Walkthrough

    As you enter the area, you will see bizarre, alien-looking architecture. There is a Black Book at the end of the book entitled Waking Dreams. By interacting with it, you will be able to enter another dimension and meet Miraak. As he mocks you, announces his evil plan, and instructs his minions to send you back, he mocks you.

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    Share what you have learned with Frea. As a result of this event, the quest has come to an end and the next one, The Fate of the Skaal, has begun.


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