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    Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go – Best Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

    Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go: Coming close to catching them all is one of the greatest thrills of Pokemon Go. The addition of a new Pokémon to your Pokedex is always a cause for celebration, and evolving Pokemon is often the most effective method of achieving this goal. I am aware of what Pokemon Go players are going through. You have been throwing berries, catching Pokemon, and collecting candies – but that does not guarantee you will have everything you need to complete your Pokedex.

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    Pokemon Go requires you to catch a Pokemon many times, enabling you to accumulate candies which you can later use to force that Pokemon to evolve – it’s pretty reasonable, if you ask me. Pokemon games do not always make evolution so easy, and sometimes special items are required, and this is what Pokemon Go does as well.

    The Sinnoh Stones are evolutionary stones that help Pokemon evolve into forms that are indigenous to the Sinnoh region. As part of this guide, we will outline which Pokemon require Sinnoh stones in order to evolve. If you have been playing the game for a long time, you will likely already have a number of Pokemon that are ready for evolution, along with all the candies needed. Now you only need the stones to complete your Pokedex. The following article will provide you with all the information you need about Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon Go.

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    Kanto Pokemon That Evolve With A Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go

    The following are all of the OG generation one Pokemon that can be evolved using a Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go. Due to the fact that these Pokemon have been available since the launch of Pokemon Go, we hope you have already managed to save up enough candy and are able to evolve them with ease.

    • Electabuzz > Electivire
    • Magmar > Magmortar
    • Rhydon > Rhyperior
    • Tangela > Tangrowth
    • Lickitung > Lickilicky

    As these Pokemon do not spawn very often in the wild, Tangela and Lickitung may be the most difficult Pokemon to evolve here.

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    Johto Pokemon That Evolve With A Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon Go

    Now we are going to discuss the Pokemon that originated in generation two, and there are quite a few of them. You should evolve all of these, and hopefully you will have access to the candy you require.

    • Gligar > Gliscor
    • Misdreavus > Mismagius
    • Murkrow > Honchkrow
    • Togetic > Togekiss
    • Piloswine > Mamoswine
    • Aipom > Ambipom
    • Yanma > Yanmega
    • Porygon2 > Porygon-Z
    • Sneasel > Weavile

    Many of these Pokemon have been extremely common in the past, including Misdreavus and Murkrow, so hopefully this will be a simple task to complete. Porygon2 may make it more challenging.

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    Hoenn Pokemon That Evolve With A Sinnoh Stone In Pokemon GO

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    Finally, let’s take a look at the Pokemon of Hoenn. It is interesting to note that none of the Pokemon that originate in Sinnoh require a Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go to evolve. That’s strange! Possibly there is a strange lore reason behind this, but it is still too early for me to begin to speculate.

    • Snorunt (Female) > Froslass
    • Roselia > Roserade
    • Dusclops > Dusknoir
    • Kirlia (Male) > Gallade

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    There are two standouts here. Snorunt and Kirlia are the only two Pokemon of this type that require a specific gender in order to evolve with a Sinnoh Stone Pokemon Go. In order to obtain Froslass, a female Snorunt must be evolved, and Gallade can only be obtained when a male Kirlia is evolved into a female. Both of these Pokémon are more rare than their counterparts. It is to be hoped that you have already caught one.

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