Sinbad is now learning to walk again after suffering a stroke two years ago

After having a stroke two years ago, Sinbad is currently relearning how to walk.

Having suffered an ischemic stroke in October 2020 as a consequence of a blood clot that migrated from his heart to his brain, Sinbad, real name David Adkins, is now continuing therapy and “fighting for every inch,” according to a webpage that the comedian Monday linked on Instagram.

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Comedian Sinbad recovering from a recent stroke

Nearly nine months after his stroke, in July 2021, Sinbad, 66, was released from the hospital.

The website quotes “Survival odds from this type of event are approximately 30%”

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According to the website, “Limbs that were said to be ‘dead’ are coming alive and he’s taking the steps necessary to learn to walk again.”


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The comedian underwent a thrombectomy after his stroke to get rid of the clot and get his brain’s blood flow back to normal. He had to have the same surgery the next day due to a second blood clot that was roughly half the size of the first.

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Doctors conducted a craniotomy to relieve pressure and lessen the swelling because his brain had also swollen. Later, with a ventilator attached and in a medically induced coma, he returned to the Neuro-ICU.

“Our hearts were devastated. The road to recovery became unclear and extremely difficult for the family to navigate,”  it says on the website.

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Over the following few months, he was weaned off a ventilator and eventually given the all-clear for intensive therapy.

The comedian still has “miles to go” even though he has “already beaten the odds and has made significant progress beyond what anyone expected.”

According to the website, the costs of therapy much exceed what insurance pays and it has taken its toll on the family financially.” Many of you have inquired as to what you can do to help. This website was developed as a platform for individuals who want to offer their assistance and make a contribution in some way. All donations will go to the Adkins Trust to support Sinbad’s care and enable him to carry on this fight.

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The website goes on to say: “Sinbad is here because of the multitude of prayers from all who know and love him. We are eternally grateful. Every outpouring of love and the memories of how he has touched all of you have not gone unheard, unseen, or unfelt. Thank you. You have lifted his spirits along the way and inspired the entire family.”

Sinbad is well-known for his stand-up performances as well as for his roles in a number of TV and film productions, such as “A Different World,” “The Sinbad Show,” “Jingle All the Way,” “First Kid,” and “Rel.”