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    Silent Hill New Game: Konami is developing “several games” based on the Silent Hill franchise

    Silent Hill New Game: With the exception of the undying love of its greatest fans, Silent Hill is all but dead. Silent Hill, however, appears to be poised for a resurgence, unlike many of Konami’s IPs. According to filmmaker Christophe Gans, there are both a Silent Hill movie and “several games” being developed as part of a plan to revive the franchise.

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    Angie, a ResetEra user, provided translation of Gans’ comments to French outlet MaG.

    “I’m working with the Silent Team, the original creators at Konami. Several games are in development as we speak, and there are multiple teams working on them.” said Gans. The franchise will be revived, I think they have been impressed with the success of the remakes of Resident Evil, which are clearly exceptional games.”

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    Gans reiterated statements he made in June when he said Silent Hill was being relaunched with both a sequel to his 2006 film and multiple games, including one remake. The remake appears to be Silent Hill 2, which is rumored to be in development by the Poland-based Bloober Team. There were leaks of images purportedly showing the game in May and just last month, although one is concept art and the other is heavily watermarked test footage that is in no way representative of the final product.

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    Although Gans is not familiar with all the teams working on the games, he did mention that members of the original Silent Hill team are currently working on the sequel. There is a possibility that the sequel will be Silent Hill: The Short Message, which has recently been rated in South Korea.

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    In regards to the upcoming movie, filming is expected to begin in February, with Gans explaining, “I’ll try to explain that Silent Hill owes as much to its inhabitants as to what we project onto it.”

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