Should You Create Your Own Product Or Be An Affiliate 2022 ?

Should You Create Your Own Product Or Be An Affiliate

Should You Create Your Own Product Or Be An Affiliate

Should You Create Your Own Product Or Be An Affiliate?

If you are willing to sell products from your website or blog you have to decide whether to create your own product to sell or perform as an Affiliate to promote other vendor’s product.

But which is the good option for internet marketers? Should you create your own product or be an Affiliate? If you select a cluster of 100 successful Internet Marketers, there is more probability that you get mixed reviews from all of them. But the answer is absolutely clear.

Which of them is best is subjective; both have theirs pros and cons. They can prove to be a good source of revenue if practiced correctly. It’s totally upon you to decide which option is under your interest and suits your needs.

There is no such right or wrong path as both Affiliate Marketing and creating your own products has done goods for many of the businesses.


Should You Create Your Own Product Or Be An Affiliate?

If you are involved in internet marketing you still have confusion; should you create your own product or be an Affiliate? Well both of them offer a good opportunity to excel, but there are some pros and cons which should be taken into consideration.

Here I will tell you the pros and cons of both the Marketing strategies and this will hopefully help you to decide which path is right for you:

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Affiliate Marketing – Pros of Affiliate Marketing

  • No need to create a product

One of the beneficial aspects of Affiliate Marketing is that you can start within no time. Only one thing you have to do is to join the affiliate program for a specific product and attach some Affiliate links to your website or blog.

There is no investment of time by you to create the product.

Mostly the product demands time and effort to create, but this can be avoided by just promoting that others have already created.


  • high income expectation

Even though you will get only a percentage as commission behind the sales made, the income expectation is still very high. Many digital products pay 50% commission or even as high as 100% to the Affiliates.

If the Affiliate has managed to produce a large volume of sales, then he is liable to be paid more for the sales being made than listed in Affiliate program.


  • Free from customer service

One major benefit of acting as an Affiliate is that once the sale is done, you are set free. The product seller will solely take the responsibility to provide customer service.


  • Flexibility in choosing the product

There are plenty of products available in the market to choose in order to promote it as an affiliate. This gives you the flexibility to select the products that are best suited for you and your audience.

Doing so, you can select rich quality products with high commissions.

My Earning Screenshot by Affiliate Marketing

Should You Create Your Own Product Or Be An Affiliate?

My Affiliate Marketing Earning Screenshots

Cons of Affiliate Marketing


  • Lack of control

There can be many things that will not be under your control as an Affiliate. You have no command over the product’s price, details and features, updates and promotions.

Having no control for these things simply means that you are to some extent powerless.


  • Have to depend on others to close the sale

Being an Affiliate you have to point out the audience towards the sales page or product page where they can make a purchase.

You can pre-sell by mentioning the best attributes of the product, but once they leave your site you have to rely on someone else to close your sales.

If the sales page does not perform the right job you will not achieve the desired commission.


  • You are forming customer list for seller

One significant drawback of Affiliate Marketing is that you are providing assistance to someone else to build a customer list for future business transactions.

Making a sale to an old user is much easier as compared to a new one. So the customer you send can be extremely important.


  • Race with other Affiliates

There are several Affiliates trying to promote the same product in their own way, you have to compete with all of them.

The product seller will be making the sales irrespective of which Affilate makes the referral and earns commission, but only the affiliate credit with referral is eligible for payment.


Creating Your Own Product

Another alternative from creating your own product or be an Affiliate is creating your own product. This demands lot more work but you can have your own control on it.

See my Own Product here –

Pros of Creating Your Own Product


  • Create your own customer list

A crucial benefit of creating your own product is that you can make a customer list and if you are having Affiliates then it is helping you too and making your job easy.

You may sell a cheap product and add the customers to your list so that in future you can promote the high cost product to them.

  • Total control

When you are the only person responsible for creating and selling the product as well then you can have command over the price list, promotions, updates and features and the sales page.

You can make independent decisions for you and your customer’s benefit.


  • 100% revenue

All the profit earned from the sale made is not to be shared; you will keep entire revenue while selling your own product. If you would have chosen an Affiliate then of course you have to pay them commission out of the revenue.

It is totally on you whether to offer an Affiliate program or not.


  • high income potential

if being an Affiliate provides you with high income then creating your own product also does the same. In fact selling your own product can be more cost effective them being an Affiliate Marketer, especially when you have a good number of Affiliates promoting your product.


Cons Of Creating your Own Product


  • Investment of time and money

One huge drawback of creating your own product is the amount of time and money needed to create the product. In order to make a product you have to invest some time and money as well.

Unlike Affiliate Marketing you cannot get started instantly.


  • Customer service

Selling a product also demands a good customer service side by side. The service provided by you can vary depending upon the type of product you are promoting and selling.

This can involve things like downloading or installing the product, payment issues and refund of money.


  • No assurity of sales or profit

Similar to an Affiliate there is no guarantee that you will make sales or profit by selling your own product. Only thing that matters more is the investment made as creating the product need more money and involves more risk than as an Affiliate who only have to promote the product.

If there is very poor sale of the product then you will lose whole of your money invested in the product.



Now after looking on both the aspects, should you create your own product or be an Affiliate? Well I must say that both the programs are a great option for monetizing your blog.

Both having plenty of income potential, neither approach is superior to the other, it totally depends upon your situations.

Just prefer according to your level of approach and as to how much you can invest.

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