SERPAnalytics Review : An online Position Tracking Service designed for SEO & SEM specialist

SERPAnalytics is like a boil in that – the more you play with it then the more it grows on you.

Thankfully, that is where the likeness with a boil ends. The tracking and spy tools are beyond a doubt the best available to date and… not only that, but a smaller SEO and SEM individual would find SERPAnalytics tailor made for them over the more expensive versions.

SERPAnalytics Spy Tool

SERPAnalytics spy tools is great for keeping tabs on the other companies within your industry. You are able to research a specific domain name so that you can spy on the details that competitors sites and collect data that will give you an advantage over them. You can research your competitors keywords and see how well they are doing. You can see where they are losing out, what they are targeting and where they are missing out. The SERPAnalytics tool will help you dig out the data that will help you manage your SEO and marketing efforts. You are able to watch the competition sink time and money into search terms that don’t pan out, and then use their efforts to help tailor your marketing plan so that you don’t hit the same bumps in the road. You can use the tool to search out keywords online and their effectiveness, or you can search out details for a specific domain name.

Enter the desired domain name into the research domain bar and click go. This will then bring up all the Google monthly stats as well as a summary report on the domain. It will show you traffic numbers, adwords budgets and adwords traffic, organic keywords, top rated adwords and adwords texts. You can see the SERPAnalytics brief summary, or go further in for an in-depth look at search engine positioning, reverse IP addresses and sub-domains.

Like I said, you can also search out keywords, and will get a brief summary of facts relating to it, such as its searches, its average cost per click and its broader searches. If you enter in your keyword for a certain site (domain), you will receive its top related keywords and then the top ten paid competitors and organic ones too.

Here is a screen print of a summary report of hosting (below) and as you can see it is fairly intuitive and user friendly. Even lay people can have a look at the summary and know what is going on.

The summary report gives you just that (a summary) but what you are seeing is in-fact an index to more complex information. The links for each item lead to expanded reports on that specific issue. The tabs are also arranged so that you can navigate quickly through the desired information without having to search (in the search engine sense of the word).

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SERPAnalytics reports allow you to click a domain or keyword and get instant reports, which is very handy for coming up with and creating niche affiliate sites. This tool allows you to monitor your competition and helps you avoid the silly mistakes they make. On the other hand, you can also watch when they do something that drives a lot of traffic to them and copy it. If you have a niche website then competition for keywords will be limited, but don’t forget that your competition are benefiting from this as much as you. Using SERPAnalytics you can put yourself ahead of them and nail down the successful techniques without the trial and error costs. SEO should never be your only marketing tool, but doing it well and doing it right are two different things. Use SERPAnalytics get it done right well!!!

Below you can see that I have searched out a specific domain name and SERPAnalytics has produced a report based upon it.

In your summary overview, you again get a lot of information compressed onto one page, of which you may then delve deeper. It is great in the fact that you get to see their search engine positions, their keyword ranks and competition. You also get to see their monthly traffic. This sort of info is good to know if you ware looking to undermine their marketing efforts to gain an advantage yourself.

Below is a screen print showing the keywords that are “high traffic” worthy for a certain domain name. In this case that domain is You can see specific data such as traffic cost and search engine positions too.

SERPAnalytics searches through millions of keyword bi-monthly and produces a reverse index, allowing you to see your competitors organic search engine positioning as well as their adwords adverts.

SERPAnalytics has tabs (as seen above) that allow you to export full reports with more detailed information into CSV/Excel sheets for your own records, or to show your client as to the movements of the domains you are working on, or even to prove a point about competition movements.

SERPAnalytics Tracking Tool

SERPAnalytics tracking tool is as powerful and user-friendly as the spy tool. The tracking tools are not a brand new idea on the SEO market, but it does marshal and arrange information so as to make it as easy as possible to understand and use. SERPAnalytics digs for gold in a mountain side and then separates the material so that the gold nuggets are on top of the pile (to save you digging in the crushed rock for them).

SERPAnalytics interface allows you to merge keywords and sites into groups to give you a sophisticated model, since SERPAnalytics only charges for keywords. In other words if you are monitoring two sites and four keywords within the two, then simply add both the sites to the keyword group and you will only be charged for the three keywords, and not how many sites they are being monitored on.

Sounds good, but doesn’t knock your socks off right?

But what if you add one (or two or three) of your competitors sites into the group. That way you are still paying for the three keywords you are monitoring, but your are also getting details from your sites and your competitors stood side by side. Think of just how well you can manipulate your traffic in relation to your competition if you put your mind to it. SERPAnalytics is giving you the Ferrari, it is up to you as to how you drive it.

With a basic plan of a hundred keywords and twenty sites, you are able to monitor two thousand positions instead of only one hundred.

SERPAnalytics allows you to add domains directly to groups, but if you do not then it creates a group for it automatically.

Below is a graph that SERPAnalytics uses to show how groups or singular sites (one domain added alone is still considered a group) are performing. It shows the costs of clicks that originate from websites. The format is similar to the Google adwords PPC graphs (keeping with what we know).

The next tab shows the keywords for your domains.

SERPAnalytics has storage archives full of SERPs for popular keywords. You can access the information from the account section. Once a keyword is archived you will then see a “FS” link on the left leading to the SERP archive for that particular keyword or search term (phrase).

Why do I say search term? Because a recent Google update has allowed for searches including symbols. The clever SEO professionals have jumped on the band wagon and started entering keywords with symbols attached (where relevant). Search terms (keywords alone or with symbols or long tailed, etc) may also be archived.

SERPAnalytics has a unique edge to it too (they just piled on the benefits in this babe of a program) in which it offers full SERP tracking facilities. You can monitor the everyday SERPs of your popular keywords, and it wont cost you an extra penny!!!

The screen print below shows it in action.

The tracking results segment gives detailed positioning reports for your domains.


If SERPAnalytics were covered in pollen, it would be the bee’s knees. Just like me, it is not perfect, but has the best quality to price value than any in recent history.

It is not a custom built application for companies of staff, and is more geared to the single user with things like how there is no room for multiple users, but if needs be then let your SEO/SEM staff have access to the info one at a time. An efficient office should be able to coordinate the resource adequately.

The price is also geared gently towards the single user, as the price plans are pretty much unbeatable. Clearly they have hired the best programmers who have come up with complex algorithms and saved them a massive amount in long-term adjustment costs. They have started by building a Ferrari car, instead of building a panda car and then adding bits down the line.

SERPAnalytics full SERP tracking tool is unique and you will be hard pressed to find another that functions as well, allowing you to store archives of all the changes in your targeted SERP, keeping the most popular keywords so that you may better analyse traffic post-SEO-adjustment. (

SERPAnalytics user support is as good as expected. I have grown to expect poor customer service from everywhere, ever since penny pinching corporations started farming support staff from third world countries where the people had no choice but to go along with it. They give a response within 24 hours, so I suppose that will do.

SERPAnalytics is user-friendly and has a intuitive interface, so that you have the data at your fingertips without having to read the manual first. Cleverly used, this program can put you at a real advantage over your competition, but like all things it depends mostly on how you use it. You can give a pencil to your dog, but that doesn’t mean he is going to write you a birthday card.

Its dog eat dog and with SERPAnalytics you can take “market” actions to undermine your competitors. With the various reports that you have access to, you can see where your competitors are putting all of their marketing budget, and undermine their efforts. I’m not saying that it is all together ethical, but wouldn’t it suck if they were getting lets says a lot of traffic from using their area name coupled with another keyword. What if you knew this, and then posted a few (a lot) of negative reviews (not in your name) about their services or products, but geared towards the double worded keyword they are getting traffic from and spending money on. That way search results will show them at the top of the results, with several bad reviews tucked underneath it. I am not saying you should do this, but if you were going to, then you could use the information you find on SERPAnalytics you tailor it for maximum effect. Just an idea is alls.

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